My Fashion Rules For 2017

fashion rules

Stop buying clothes and not wearing them.

Start only buying and wearing clothes I love. There are SO MANY REASONS I need to stop doing this. It’s neither economical nor environmentally friendly to keep buying clothes and not wearing them. All they do is take up space in my drawers and wardrobe – then eventually find their way to ebay or vinnies. Occasionally with the tags still attached!!! If in doubt I can always walk away and come back and buy the thing the next day. And then I need to actually wear them.

Stop believing “I’m too old/young to wear that.”

Start believing that I am the right age to wear whatever I want – always and forever. If I want to wear it, if it appeals to me, if I think it suits me, if it makes me happy, if I want to put it on my body then I am the right age to wear the thing. Simple as that.

Stop wishing I had a different body.

Start knowing my body is the only one I have. It’s the only body I will ever have. So there is no point wishing I had longer legs, or narrower hips, or a flatter belly because this is the way my body is. And maybe I should just think about loving it exactly the way it is because we’re in this together – for life.

Stop wanting to be confident enough to pull something off

Start just wearing the things I want to wear. I will never be confident enough to wear the thing unless I just wear it. Looking at other women wishing I could wear what they’re wearing make absolutely no sense – because I can. I can wear whatever the heck I want to wear.

Stop thinking I don’t know how to put together an outfit.

Start just having a go. I wear so much basic black because I’m scared of putting the wrong colours and patterns and fabrics together. I think really really illogical things like – “I don’t know how to wear a scarf”. TRY PUTTING IT AROUND YOUR NECK! Nobody will be staring at me going “Gee those floral shorts really don’t go with that stripey top”. If I think it goes together, then it goes together – because nobody else really cares what I wear anyway. The only person’s opinion who matters is my own.

What fashion rules do follow?

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. Rachel is obsessed prams, car seats, carriers and all things baby. She has worked in the baby industry for several years, for both suppliers and also in a retail setting and has developed a passion for connecting parents with the right products to make their lives easier. When Rachel isn't playing with prams she's enjoys crocheting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.


  1. Great! I’m at a stage (to be honest, I’ve probably always been at this stage) where what I wear needs to be reasonably comfortable. Can’t pull off super high shoes or strapless dresses (or those off the should toos in all the shops this season). I’m not kidding myself anymore that I will wear them – money not wasted as a result.

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