A Letter to my Cupcake

A Letter to my Cupcake

A letter to my 16 year old CC.

Dear Leila,

The day you were born was the happiest day of my life. My world instantly collided with overwhelming feelings of love that I have never known. You were so small and innocent, and at that moment I first laid eyes on you, I wanted to hold you close for the rest of eternity. I knew nothing bad had ever happened to you, I wanted to cling to that, and protect you. You had never done wrong, and were as pure and beautiful as I ever imagined. My perfect first born. I want to give you this letter that I am writing today (25th May, 2013) while you are having your midday nap.

Never let anyone in life dictate how you feel. Stand tall and take pride in the beautiful, kind hearted, and intelligent person you are. No one can ever make you feel inferior without your permission; these are words to live by, my dear.

Where ever you go, and what ever you do, smile. Take your happiness with you in your back pocket, and share it with everyone you meet. No new day is ever promised, so never say goodbye to anyone with negative thoughts or feelings.

Love. Never let a lover bring you down, be open and honest, truthful and kind. Love with your whole heart, and never have reservations. Your heart will most likely be crushed several times before you meet your true prince charming, but keep in mind that these are just really hard lessons for you to learn from. Of course I will always, always be there to wipe your tears, to bring you chocolate, and make you warm cups of tea when a lover has broken your heart. Always remember that love is a lesson, as is heartbreak. I will always be there to pick up the pieces, and promise, against my better judgement, to never claw out the eyes of the person who made you sad.

Education is freedom. This is very important, and words I have borrowed from your fathers’ mother. If you want to be a machinery operator, like your dad, or if you want to be a biomedical scientist, strive to do your best, work hard, and always give 100%. It doesn’t matter where you want to go in life, we will always respect your choices, and support you, so long as you are happy. Profession does not define the type of person you will be, so imagine; be creative and innovative. Bring new ideas to the table and make yourself indispensable.

Live your life with that beautiful sparkle in your eyes. Your smile lights up my whole world, and I honestly didn’t know how happy a child could make me until you entered my life. I only hope that you can bring this true happiness to everyone you meet.

Keep your thoughts free from judgment. You will make mistakes, as will those around you. My love, the best thing you can do is keep moving forward and let the past go. Anger and jealousy will bring you down and keep you from being truly happy. Let things go, and if it doesn’t work out, well you can’t say you didn’t give it a good shot.

Lastly, but most importantly, you are amazing. Believe in yourself and others will do the same. Words can’t explain how much I love you, and how much sunshine you bring to my life every single day. No matter what has happened over the years, nothing will ever change that. My cc, I will do anything for you, and will protect you, stand up for you, laugh, and cry with you. I live for you, and will never stop loving you.

Love, mum. xo

Cup Cake Maker

Lauren is a stay at home mum to her beautiful daughter born in 2012, Leila. She am also the owner and creator styling little babes at my very own small sewing business, Ooh La Leila. She certainly leads a very busy life, but also enjoy some peaceful reflection whenever she can.

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