Glue Dough – Two Ingredient Air Drying Clay

This recipe for Air drying clay couldn’t be more simple – you just combine 1 part non-toxic PVA glue  with 2 parts corn flour and mould it into whatever shapes you want and leave it to dry over night! That’s it! Too easy!

We used 1 cup of glue and 2 cups of corn flour to make enough for two children to play with. It does start to dry out while you’re using it so it’s for moulding into shapes and leaving to dry more than for continual rolling and playing with. For if you’re looking for a dough to play with have a look at our Play Dough Recipe, or Salt Dough Recipe which can be set hard in the oven instead of simply leaving it on the bench to set like this air drying clay.

When the air drying clay is completely set it can be painted. We found the bigger the shape the more fragile it was, so this may not be ideal for hand prints but it was great for making beads and smaller cookie cuttings.

air drying clay air drying clay

air drying clay air drying clay

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Rachel Stewart

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