Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber teething necklace Amber Teething Necklaces

Today while trying to contain my sugar cravings, browsing the confectionery isle at my local supermarket, a lady with two small children approached me and asked me “Is that amber around your daughters neck, what does it even do, does it work?!”…… This isn’t the first time someone has asked about the super amazing Amber teething necklace that CC was wearing, and I’m sure won’t be the last…


What is amber, and what is it used for?

Pretty much, to sum it up, it’s fossilized tree resin from some 50 billion years ago. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) It is believed to have natural healing abilities, and assist little kiddies when nasty toothy pegs are giving them grief!

It is not used as a chew toy, and any child should be supervised and monitored while wearing anything around their neck. (Yes, the lady in the confectionery isle asked me if it was used as a chew toy to relieve teething pain… No. Definitely no.)

Does it work?

Now this question has been debated among parents for years! Some say yes! Some say its all a load of hogwash and nonsense!

My personal experience has been mostly positive. I popped one on my little one at the tender age of 7 months when she was showing signs of teething. I had no idea if she was for certain, but wanted to try anything I could to give her some natural pain relief before heading straight to Panadol or Nurofen. Within the next 4 weeks, my little CC had 6 teeth pop through, and to be honest, aside from the first week being a little cuddly, I didn’t even know a tooth had popped through until she was munching on my finger one afternoon! This pretty much followed on for the the rest of the teeth, and each time I kept thinking.. “No way!”

Since then, CC has gotten 6 more teeth (she is now 14 months) and I can firmly say that the Amber has definitely made a noticeable difference!

3 of her 4 first molars were a different story though. Nasty, nasty, nasty little things they are! Unfortunately, although we had a great run with the first 9 teeth, the remaining 3 have proven to be an absolute nightmare that even Amber hasn’t been able to help.

Would I recommend Amber?

YES! Why not? Why not try something natural before heading straight to painkillers. I am still not game to take off the necklace in fear that it’s still having some kind of healing affect on her, and she will turn into a less then desirable little person if I did decide to take it off!

Love them, or think they’re just a money making scheme, there is no harm in actually just giving it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised!

There are many reputable sellers of amber both in stores or online. You want to make sure you get a set of beads that have a knot tied between each bead, that way, if the necklace does happen to break, only 1 bead will fall off, as opposed to having to crawl around on your hands and knees picking up 48 of those little suckers!  Dark red, yellow, orange, or champagne, raw or polished, they all do the same thing, and none are better then others!

If you have a set of amber beads on your little one, pop a comment below and let me know if you think they have worked for you, or not!

Until next time,

Cupcake Maker xx

Cup Cake Maker

Lauren is a stay at home mum to her beautiful daughter born in 2012, Leila. She am also the owner and creator styling little babes at my very own small sewing business, Ooh La Leila. She certainly leads a very busy life, but also enjoy some peaceful reflection whenever she can.


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