Australian University finds father’s Sperm link to children obesity

Researchers have found obese father’s sperm fun father daughter
could increase the risk of their children in being overweight.

Dr Tod Fullston, of University of Adelaide, has revealed in a study, using mice, a connection between the father’s sperm and obesity and diabetes-like symptoms in up to two generations of offspring. Dr Fullston has said – “With obese fathers, the changes in their sperm, in their micro-RNA molecules, might program the embryo for obesity or metabolic disease later in life.”

Previously when it comes to trying to conceive a baby the focus is on the mother, with her health before, during and after pregnancy and how that affects the health and wellbeing on their children. This study gives fathers more reason to consider their own health and how that might impact the long term health of their children.

There are many good reasons to maintain an active lifestyle and healthy balanced diet – this is just another reason. For your own personal wellbeing, also when you do have children to lead by example, “do as I say, not as a I do” doesn’t work with children, they need to see you taking care of yourself to learn how to take care of themselves for their long term health. Then to be able to keep up with your kids, to be able to run around and play, kick a ball, ride bikes, swim, hike, fly kites – all those good things.

NOW is always the best time to start to work towards better health, whether you have children already or whether you may have children in the future, it’s never too late, even if you can only start with small changes – small steps, made every day, can be life changing.



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