Emily Travis

Emily is a wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunty. She's a country girl, a tomboy, and she loves an adventure. She works full-time at a big corporate office as an architectural draftsperson. She's been married since April 2012 but they are dreaming of the day they can escape home to the country and start their own family. She is passionate about equality, education and design. She believes in taking responsibility, striving for improvement, and enjoying the simple pleasures.

Autumn Leaves & Wax Paper

autumn leaves wax paper

This is a simple activity that can actually be done at any time of year, (using any small, flat objects, e.g. pressed flowers, herbs, petals) but I love autumn leaves, so this is an autumn activity for me!

My Lesson on ‘Beautiful’


We can learn some powerful lessons from the people who truly love us. When you love someone unreservedly, and you trust them completely – you can allow them to show you how they see you.

What have you learnt from those who love you? This is how I learned that I am beautiful. It took me a while.

Learning to Read vs Loving to Read

I’ve always loved the way a good book can take you out of yourself – make you see and think things you’d never have thought of; make you reassess the world and your place within it. Aside from the joy of immersing myself in a story, I also love the instant bond of friendship you find when you meet someone who’s read the same books. My brother and I bonded over books as we grew up, but our journeys of learning to read and loving to read were very different.