Leia Barrett

Leia is married and a mother of one little girl Ayla, born March 2012 and a bub on the way, due June 2014 and fur-mum to a Cavoodle (Zac) and a Spoodle (Sky). She is a microbiologist and a science, maths and health Secondary School Teacher. She has a huge love of being a stay at home mum and enjoy doing lots of activities with her girl. Baking and Cake decorating is a huge part of her life and she loves making others happy with her cakes.

Red Bread and The Way She Eats

fussy kids

As a pre-baby mum I promised myself to always provide nutritional and healthy meals and snacks to my kids no matter what.

But 3 years later I have miss 3 and miss 9 months and guess what??? Miss 3 can be as stubborn in regards to eating a variety of food.

Little Frog Ring Sling Review (Baby)

I have been lucky enough to be offered a chance to do a Little Frog Ring Sling Review with my 15 week old. This is the first wrap style carrier I have used as my first carrier was the Ergo Original, so this was very exciting.

One of the first tasks I had to do was watch a few videos showing how to use the sling. At first I tried without my daughter in it, however it wasn’t until actually putting her into it did I feel like I was wearing it correctly.

Cross-over Nursing Sleep Bra Review

lace trim nursing bra

Over the past week, I have been wearing the cross-over nursing sleep bra to bed. At 37weeks pregnant, and a size 16DD, I was interested to see how it felt to wear something all night.

To begin with the material is soft, flexible and supportive. As a ‘crop top’ style bra it has no clips and is as simple as pulling over your head. There was found to be no ‘scratchy’ seams or edges which is a big pro in my books.

The Countdown

birth story

I am currently 35 weeks into my second pregnancy and although I have been using an app to help me keep track of my weeks, I am now starting the “it’s so close” end of the line count down.

My first pregnancy, with daughter Ayla, was uneventful and ‘boring’. I didnt have “morning sickness” or many issues apart from a low lying placenta, which rectified itself by 32 weeks. I suffered from some reflux but I loved the whole experience.

Mother’s Day For Mum and Me

mother's day

Mothers day, it’s almost upon us again. The chance for shops to spruke things that mums ‘want’. Those fluffy dressing gowns, the heated slippers, the foot baths, fizzy bath bombs, smelly soaps and the latest romantic novels.

But to me, mothers day has always been about making my mum breakfast, serving her a cup of tea, maybe a nice big bunch of flowers and seeing whether she would like to go to a farmers market.

An Extract of my Life in the Modern Cloth World

modern cloth nappies

When i was born my parents had one choice; to use terry cloth nappies. And mum would soak, wash, dry then fold them ready to use. Now it seems more convenient to use disposables. Simply purchase from the supermarket and use then throw. Now when i fell pregnant with my daughter i was expecting to do the same. In fact i found a direct to public wholesaler whose nappies were made right there in my local area. Bonus.