Baby Beehind Magicall Review

10151319_10202237364679735_2820115840975435674_nI first purchased 6 Baby Beehind Magicalls, size large, when my first baby was about 11 months old, up until then I’d been using old-school terry towel nappies with pins, as well as prefolds with a Snappi nappy fastener. After the first couple of washes and wears I ordered another 6 of the Magicalls, because they were just so easy to use and fit my chubby toddler perfectly.

The Baby Behind Magicalls are a generous fit nappy, they are pretty bulky though, and I found that it was a bit challenging to find pants for my little boy that fit over the nappy – though I’d already found that with any kind of cloth nappy, but be mindful that Baby Beehind Magicalls are a bit of a bigger nappy. Though I also tried Itti Bitti nappies – and as the brand name suggests they’re a much trimmer nappy, I found with both of my tots they both leaked out of their nappies with the first wet.

I’ve had the same batch of Magicalls though now for 4 years, and they’ve lasted through 2 children, with a fair amount of time spent in the dryer when we lived in an apartment and didn’t get sufficient sunshine to dry them over winter – so they’re pretty hardy nappy and have been incredibly good value for money. They come up clean and bright even after 4 years, with the help of direct sun light to bleach out any stains, only issue with them after 4 years is the elastics in the legs in some of them have worn through.

The drying time with the Magicalls is a bit longer than other nappies I’ve had – though being an All-in-one with a pocket nappy and removable insert, the quickest way to dry them I’ve found is turning the nappy inside out before hanging them on the line – this can halve the drying time.

I wouldn’t recommend the Magicalls for a slimmer baby, or if you’re looking for a trim fit under clothes, though Baby Beehind do have a “Petite” range that might work better. Though in return for the bulk, you get a nappy that can be absorbent enough worn overnight – and also being a pocket nappy you can add additional bamboo inserts to really boost the absorbency for night time.

colour selectionThey have a great selection colours, their standard price is $28 each, though Baby Beehind often have some great specials, packages or deals on offer to get them at a lower price – if you’re wanting to just try out a couple before you invest in a bulk lot of them check out their “Clearance Items” and see what they have available.



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