Banana Icecream


Banana Icecream

You Will Need:

Very Riepe bananas
Food processor
Milk/soy milk/water (optional)

Step 1 : Peel bananas, chop in 1-2cm wide pieces Place on a tray and cover firmly with cling wrap or in a snap lock container. Leave in freezer for several hours or overnight until fully frozen.

Step 2 : Remove from freezer break up pieces if they have frozen together and place them in a food processor and blend until smooth.

Step 3 : If the bananas aren’t coming together you may want to drizzle in a small amount of milk/water until it goes smooth and creamy.

Step 4 : Serve and eat immediately.

*If the bananas aren’t very ripe than the Ice-Cream might be a little bland, add some honey to sweeten.

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