Barbie is Unrealistic

Barbie is unrealisticBarbie is Unrealistic

I found this story published by the Huffington Post – Rather Interesting. People have often said that Barbie is unrealistic expectation for the average day woman and that she is a negative role model for little girls.

As great as it was to see an average person doll made, and to see the differences in Barbie and the every day woman. I think we have forgotten that Barbie, was never meant to be REALISTIC. She was meant to be a character, a make believe being like a cartoon character.

My sisters had about 30 Barbies. She had the Dream House, Camper Van, Dream Car, and as many of those little annoying shoes you can step on. Even I owned one that I gave a buzz cut to, and dyed her remaining hair pink with cough medicine.

I always thought differently about Barbie. I always thought she was a great role model for little girls. She could be anything she wanted to be. An Astronaut, An Olympian, A Doctor, A Mermaid! Hell she could be pregnant and a Mummy! I thought this was a great thing for little girls to know, that they could be anything they wanted to be.

As time has gone on, and after working at Toys R Us for a year. I noticed a few things. After the Bratz dolls became popular, they felt they needed to change Barbie, bring her in with the times. So they gave her a hooker make over, made more skimpier clothes for her to wear.

They also decided that Barbie had been with Ken too long and that it was too unrealistic these days for marriages to last as long as theirs had, and decided to have Barbie be with her new toy boy Australian Surfer Blain. Of course this just upset a bunch of people and last year they decided Barbie should be back with the man of her life, Ken.

This was about the time when I realised, we started to care more about the more unrealistic stuff Barbie was. Unnaturally thin. Big breasted. Was it her hooker make over and skimpy clothes? The fact that most recent Barbie doll releases weren’t about what great career she could be having next, but being good looking. Make up, awesome outfits, vapid friends, and the focus on the material lifestyle. It has become apparent that the makers of Barbie have changed their beliefs on what the average little girl is into. A very unrealistic perception that is unfortunately changing what the next generation of children see women as.

In Conclusion, the best role model in our children’s lives are not a piece of plastic, but us, the PARENTS.
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Mimmi is a mother of 2 handsome boys, Keiran (2009) and Davin. (2012)She is a full time stay at home mum, taking care of my boys; her eldest with autism and both of them with developmental delays.She is a huge video game player, and loves to eat large amounts of curry.

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