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Basic Biscuit Recipe

Basic Biscuit Recipe

Basic Biscuit Recipe

250Grams butter – softened
1 cup castor sugar
2 cups of self raising flour
2 eggs
Optional – sprinkles, choc chips, jam, saltanas.

Step 1 : Beat butter and sugar until pale and creamy, add eggs one at a time and beat through.

Step 2 : Add flour half a cup at a time, mixing until smooth.

Step 3 : Turn dough out onto a floured floured board or bench and roll until smooth, add more flour if mixture is too sticky.

Step 4 : Either roll out dough out 1cm thick and cut with cookie cutters OR roll into balls and flatten down on a baking tray and decorate.

Step 5 : Bake until lightly golden and firm to touch.

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