Best Baby Carriers Australia 2023

My personal mission in life is to connect people with the best baby carrier and help them feel comfortable and safe while wearing it. I’m confident that absolutely every parent or carer can learn how to use a carrier – as long as it’s the right carrier for them.

How to find the Best Baby Carriers

The first thing is to work out what type of baby carrier will meet your needs. There are a few different types of carriers to choose from, but the main three options: stretchy wraps, hybrid carriers and buckle carriers. These are the three categories I’d recommend and I’ll go through the benefits of each type of carrier – and then if you click the product name, it’ll jump down to the page for more details.

Some other types of wraps and baby carriers that I won’t include in the “Best Baby Carriers Australia 2023” list, because they’re less commonly available and also maybe not the best carriers for beginners if they don’t have hands-on assistance when learning how to use them. But woven wraps, ring slings, hip seats and the Mei Tai/Mei Dai Asian style carriers are also great options worth exploring if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous.

* Age range refers to what I would personally recommend to parents – they may be advertised as having a broader range.

Stretchy Wraps

best baby carriers australia 2023

A long piece of stretchy knit fabric (like T-shirt fabric) that is wrapped around your body in a particular way.

  • Positives: Soft fabric with no bulky padding or buckles. Feels like wearing a T-shirt with a baby in it.
  • Considerations: Takes a bit of practice to get the perfect fit as they can’t be adjusted once it’s tied.
  • Carry Positions: Front inward facing ONLY.
  • Age Range*: Birth to 6 months
Best Stretchy WrapRRPSale PriceFabricKey Benefit
Moby Elements Wrap $79$59Poly/CottonAffordable, soft and lightweight.
Boba Classic Wrap$89$79Cotton & ElastaneTwo-way stretch for ease of use

Hybrid Carriers

best baby carriers australia 2023

Hybrid carriers fit somewhere between a wrap and a carrier. Some a closer to a wrap with more soft fabric and less structure. Whereas some offer more straps and buckles with less soft stretchy materials.

  • Positives: They are a great compromise between soft fabric, support and ease of use.
  • Considerations: Sometimes, getting a wrap and a carrier (2 in total) is better than a compromise.
  • Carry Positions: Front inward & Front Forward facing.
  • Age Range*: Birth to 6-18 months (depending on where they are in the wrap/carrier spectrum)
Best Hybrid CarrierRRPSale PriceFabricKey Benefit
Moby Easy Wrap$129$90CottonSoft and super easy to use
Pognae Step One$159$129Poly/cottonLightweight and easy to use
Ergobaby Embrace$179$149Poly/Rayon/ElastaneSoft and supportive

Buckle Carriers

best baby carriers australia 2023

This is the most common style of baby carrier you’ll find in a baby store, they will have shoulder straps, a waistband, and a panel that holds Baby to your body.

  • Positives: Easy to use and often offer multiple carry positions from newborn to toddler.
  • Considerations: Can be costly, and the structure can feel a bit too bulky with a fresh newborn.
  • Carry Positions: Front inward, front forward, back carry and hip carry (depending on model)
  • Age Range: A few weeks old to 2-3 years.
Best Baby CarrierRRPSale PriceFabric Key Feature
LILLEbaby ELEVATE$279$245Linen/CottonNatural fabric & great value
Tula Explore $299$279CottonBeautiful range of colours & patterns
Ergobaby Omni Breeze$349$279Polyester Optimal forward facing
Ergobaby Aerloom$399$299Recycled PolyesterEco-friendly support without bulk.

Moby Elements Wrap


You really can’t get much more affordable than a Moby Elements Wrap. Despite the budget-friendly poly-cotton blend fabric the Elements wrap is super soft, lightweight and breathable.

  • Weight Range – 3.6kgs to 15kgs
  • Positions Offered – 2 positions: parent facing, half hip carry
  • Material Used – 65% Polyester/35% Cotton
  • Best for – baby shower gifts or parents on a budget

There’s not really a lot to say about the Elements wrap, aside from the fabric feel and price. All stretchy wraps are essentially the same thing – approximately 5 metres of stretchy fabric that has been weight tested for carrying babies. And if they all work the same way, wrap the same, tie the same – so why not choose the one that is the most affordable while still being good quality?

Full Moby Wraps Review

Boba Classic Wrap

The Boba Classic wrap is one of the stretchiest wraps on the market, making it one of the easiest stretchy wraps for new parents to get the perfect fit every time they tie their wrap.

  • Boba Classic Wrap At A Glance
  • Weight Range – 3.6kgs to 15kgs
  • Positions Offered – 2 positions: parent facing, half hip carry
  • Material Used – 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Best for – taking the guesswork out of fitting a wrap

I have to admit I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the unique 2 way stretch of the Boba Wraps. So all other stretchy wraps I’ve used have had most of the stretch going top to bottom and then only a small stretch going long ways. 

My biggest concern with the long-way stretch was that it wouldn’t be as supportive and it would be difficult to achieve a high and tight position – I was worried that stretchy equals saggy. 

And turns out I was wrong. 

For some context about my own preferences I actually ended up using woven wraps because I didn’t want any stretch at all from my wrap, I wanted more firm support. So I feel like this may not be the wrap for me 

BUT I think this is an incredible wrap for a beginner or new parent because as strange as it sounds that extra stretch I think will make it easier for parents to get a tighter fit.

Moby Easy Wrap

moby cloud hybrid vs easy wrap

The Moby Easy Wrap is exactly what it sounds like – a wrap made easy. The Moby Easy Wrap looks and feels like a stretchy wrap when it is on, but it goes on like a T-shirt.

Moby Easy Wrap At A Glance

  • Weight Range – 3.2kgs to 15kgs
  • Positions Offered – 2 positions: parent facing, forward facing
  • Material Used – 100% cotton
  • Best for – parent who want to use a wrap without the wrapping

When compared to other Hybrid style carriers the Moby Easy Wrap is definitely more along the scale towards a wrap than carrier, but it does have two buckles at the waist which I think do a lot for confidence if nothing else. 

The Easy Wrap has the same super soft stretchy jersey knit fabric as a regular stretchy wrap, so it’s comfortable for both baby and parent, but with buckles on the waist and the “wrap” portion is essentially pre-tied.

The other benefit of the Moby Easy Wrap is it does offer parents the option of forward facing, so they may find they can use the carrier with an older baby than a regular stretchy wrap.

Check out our full review of the Moby Easy Wrap here.

Pognae Step One Air

I was determined with this list to try to recommend some options outside the usual (knowing you’ll probably end up buying an Ergobaby, Moby or LILLEbaby carrier because these are the brands available in most retailers) However, I discover Pognae recently and was so impressed by the Pognae Step One, even though it’s a little outside the usual.

Pognae Step One At A Glance

  • Weight Range – 3.2kgs to 13kgs
  • Positions Offered – 2 positions: parent facing, forward facing
  • Material Used – Poly/cotton
  • Best for – Parents in a warmer climate looking for a super easy wrap/carrier hybrid

The Air version of the Pognae Step One that I was sent to review was incredibly lightweight and breathable. I haven’t really felt material like this before on a carrier. It almost reminds me of a swim carrier. It’s so light.

So the Pognae Step One Air is going to be great for summer and warmer climates. Also, the Air version provides 85% UV protection.

Even though the Pognae Step One is very easy to use and I think would be intuitive for most parents to work out how to put it on and use it safely and correctly, it still comes with hands down THE BEST instruction manual I’ve ever seen for a baby carrier. Honestly, after reading this instruction manual I think all baby carriers should come with an instruction manual this detailed. I think the amount of thought and care that has gone into the manual speaks very highly of the brand. 

Check out our full Pognae Step One Review

Ergobaby Embrace

ergobaby embrace carrier review

I am completely in love with the fabric on the Ergobaby Embrace. It is the softest fabric I have ever felt on any baby carrier ever. The feel of this fabric is just divine.

At A Glance

  • Weight Range – 3.2kgs to 11.3kgs
  • Positions Offered – 2 positions: parent facing, forward facing
  • Material Used – 100% cotton

The Ergobaby Embrace is perfectly designed for newborns up to around 6-12 months old and in my opinion is “new parent proof”. So I would recommend the Ergobaby Embrace to inexperienced parents looking for a simple and easy way to keep their new baby close for the first few months.
The Ergobaby Embrace is also a very affordable carrier so it’s a good choice for parents who either plan to only use a baby carrier for the first several months, or if they’re prepared to purchase a follow-on carrier for their bigger baby or toddler.

If you’re looking for a carrier that offers affordable luxury and that has been specifically designed with newborns in mind then the Ergobaby Embrace is a great option for you.

Check out our full Ergobaby Embrace review here.

Tula Explore

tula back carry sew saw

Tula is a bit more of a niche brand when compared to the Ergobaby range. While the Tula Explore ticks all the same boxes as the Ergobaby Omni carrier – offers all carry positions, goes from newborn to 20kgs, I would say is the second best forward facing carrier – it does offer an impressive range of colours and patterns not seen in most brands available in Australia. 

Tula Explore At a Glance

  • Weight Range – 3.2kgs to 20kgs
  • Positions Offered – 4 positions: parent facing, forward facing, hip, and back carry.
  • Material Used – 100% Cotton (or Cotton with Polyester for the Mesh version)
  • Best for – parents wanting unique patterns. 

Aside from the fact the Tula Explore comes in every colour in the rainbow – including actual rainbows – they’re not just beautiful, but beautifully made. They have a robustness about them. Though they can feel a bit stiff straight out of the box, like a quality cotton or linen they soften over time. 

Another reason I recommend the Tula Explore to parents, as I mentioned they are one of a very few carriers I feel genuinely offer optimal forward-facing position (with the M leg position) and while I’d say they’re the second best carrier for forward facing it’s worth noting to achieve the most optimal forward facing position  Ergobaby Omni Breeze, it’s worth noting the Omni range sacrificed panel size to achieve that ergonomic design. 

Whereas the Tula Explore shares some of that optimal forward-facing design, but not at the expense of the longevity of the carrier.  

Read our full review of the Tula Explore here. 

Ergobaby Omni Breeze

Ergobaby omni breeze 2

Ergobaby has been the most popular brand of baby carriers in Australia for about the last decade. They are some of the most expensive carriers on the market as well. Are they worth the price tag? It’s hard for me to say, but I will say that in my opinion, the Ergobaby Omni range (including the Ergobaby Omni Breeze), without doubt is the most optimal baby carrier for forward facing. 

Ergobaby Omni Breeze At a Glance

  • Weight Range – 3.2kgs to 20kgs
  • Positions Offered – 4 positions: parent facing, forward facing, hip, and back carry.
  • Material Used – 100% Polyester (Omni “Breeze” version – Omni “Dream” is 100% Cotton)
  • Best for – Optimal Forward Facing.

The Ergobaby Omni Breeze is suitable for newborns, has a weight capacity of 20kgs and offers all four carry positions – parent facing, world facing, hip and back carry. I would say that you could reasonably use the Omni Breeze until 2 years or beyond, especially if you’re using it in the back carry position.

As you would expect from an Ergobaby carrier, the Omni Breeze is ergonomically designed for both parent and baby.

For Parents, the shape and structure is designed to evenly distribute Baby’s weight across your body without putting excessive pressure on your back or shoulders. It has a wide supportive waistband and lumbar support, and padded shoulder straps. You can also easily cross the straps at the back if you prefer a tighter fit, especially if you have narrow or sloping shoulders. 

For Baby, the Omni Breeze provides knee to knee support in the optional “M” leg positioning in all carry positions – including forward facing, which is something not many carriers achieve, and in my opinion none as well as the Ergo Omni range. What I mean by “M” position is  Baby’s knees are elevated higher than their bottom to ensure a more natural seated position in the carrier rather than legs hanging straight down. This is recognised as a healthier hip position for Baby

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Ergobaby Aerloom

ergobaby aerloom

As an overall impression, the Ergobaby Aerloom is one of the most premium carriers on the market – which is reflected in the price point. As you’d expect from an Ergobaby carrier it’s very comfortable,  well made and ergonomically designed. It also features a unique contoured knit fabric, which isn’t something I’ve ever seen on a baby carrier before.  

Ergobaby Aerloom At a Glance

  • Weight Range – 3.2kgs to 15kgs
  • Positions Offered – 3 positions: parent facing, forward facing, and back carry.
  • Material Used – Polyester containing 87% recycled plastic
  • Best for – Petite parents. Or Eco-conscious parents. 

The Ergobaby Aerloom is made from a unique “FormaKnit” fabric, meaning it’s made from knitted fabric rather than woven fabric. Knitted fabric has a little more stretch and also can be knitted into curves, so it is more comfortable and moulds to the shape of your body. Also because of the innovative FormaKnit fabric the Ergobaby Aerloom is super lightweight. Another big reason to choose the Ergobaby Aerloom is it’s designed to be an eco-friendly baby carrier and is made from 87% post-consumer recycled polyester. In fact, 26 recycled water bottles go into each and every Ergobaby Aerloom. 

Additionally, the Ergobaby Aerloom is my go to recommendation for petite parents wanting to babywear with a bigger baby or toddler. While it’s still absolutely suitable for bigger and taller parents as well, the Aerloom waistband flips in and under in a way that allows a taller child to be carriers by a shorter parent (or parent with a short torso)

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