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Cardboard Fridge


If you have old cardboard boxes why not turn them into a mini fridge for role playing fun.
Step 1 : Paint the outside of the box and allow to dry.

Steo 2 : To make the shelves, fold a stiff piece of cardboard in 3, the widest section being the width of the fridge and the outer two sections are going to be flaps which can be taped to the inside wall of the fridge. Then with two smaller pieces of cardboard fold once to make one flap. One will be the fridge door flap and the other will tape on to the lower shelf to form an internal freezer.

Step 3 : Tape down all the pieces of cardboard with a heavy duty tape.

Step 4 : Make fruit and vegetables with coloured paper, and collect some empty containers to fill up your fridge!


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