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5 Tips For Breastfeeding In Public

While it’s easy to say that mothers should be able to breastfeed anywhere, anytime, it can be a bit daunting breastfeeding in public spaces. Especially in the early days.

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Larissa Waters Breastfeeding – The No Win Situation For Women

support breastfeeding

Larissa Waters Breastfeeding In Parliament Shows the No Win Situation For Mothers   Larissa Waters does yet another breastfeeding first — Karen Barlow (@KJBar) June 22, 2017   First time I've had to move a Senate motion while breastfeeding! And my partner in crime moved her own motion …

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Pumpkin Butter Chicken Recipe

As promised - this is my new and improved “Butter Chicken” recipe. I’m putting “butter chicken” in quotation marks at this point because I feel like I’ve altered this so much that it doesn’t exactly resemble the traditional dish.

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Breastfeeding Mother Asked To Leave By Kmart Store Manager

  A Queensland mother was allegedly told to leave a Kmart store on Saturday, by a store manager, for breastfeeding her 3 month old son. A group have organised a “Flash Mob” to raise awareness and show their support for breastfeeding mothers. What Really Happened There seems to be some …

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Stupid Things People Say About Breastfeeding


I’m not sure if it’s because I breastfed my kids for an exceptionally long time (Nearly 8 years in total!!!) so people had plenty of time to comment on it. Or if it’s because I have “Hey, please tell me how to parent” stamped on my forehead.

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Lansinoh Breastfeeding Gift Pack


When my son was first born I didn’t really know much about breastfeeding. I knew I wanted to breastfeed, though I didn’t really think much about it. I didn’t do any breastfeeding classes, or even read much about breastfeeding. I’d figured that breastfeeding would be just like giving birth – …

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Breastfeeding is Different For Everyone


Here ends another World Breastfeeding Week for me. I cannot believe I’m still breastfeeding. I really thought last year was going to be the very last time I celebrated World Breastfeeding Week as a nursing mother.

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Why Fed IS Best

fed is best

So apparently there’s some controversy behind the simple statement: Fed is Best.It’s a take on “breast is best” and in three little words it acknowledges all the different way we can feed our babies that might be best for our circumstances: breastfed, formula fed, tube fed, mix fed, cross fed, supplemented feeding system fed and so on…

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How To Support Breastfeeding

support breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is natural and had kept the human race going since the beginning to time, but that's not to say that it's easy and something we all just pick up easily the first time we do it. It's a skill that both mother and baby have to learn.

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My Last World Breastfeeding Week While Breastfeeding

world breastfeeding week

It’s occurred to me this is my very last “World Breastfeeding Week” as a breastfeeding mother.With any luck my youngest will be weaned soon, and even though in my heart I would like another baby, I know there’s a really strong possibility that our daughter is our last child and no more babies = no more breastfeeding.

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Weaning a Toddler – and Failing

weaning a toddler

I’m hesitant to write about this because I’m so afraid this will be misunderstood. I'm really not looking for judgement, or criticism. I'm feeling a little fragile, so I don't think I could take it right now.

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I Quit Cooking Dinner!

cooking dinner

I’m over cooking dinner.

Thinking about it. Planning it. Buying it. (Spending all that money.) Bringing it home. Cooking it. Serving it. Hoping it actually gets eaten.

All of it. The whole process. I’m over it.

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5 Practical Tips to Help your Fussy Eater

tips to help your fussy eater

Children who have food sensitivities may be defensive towards the taste, texture, smell, colour or even shape of the food. It is important to be patient and have strategies in place to ensure meal time is fun and stress-free. Children with sensory processing challenges often are considered ‘fussy eaters’, as any oral input is sensory input. Here are some practical tips to help your fussy eater:

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Formula Feeding – No Guilt Required

formula feeding

Deciding to formula feed your baby, can be an easy decision for some, but for others they may have that decision made for them, when for some untold reason they can not breastfeed their baby; and some feel real guilt over this.

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Red Bread and The Way She Eats

fussy kids

As a pre-baby mum I promised myself to always provide nutritional and healthy meals and snacks to my kids no matter what.

But 3 years later I have miss 3 and miss 9 months and guess what??? Miss 3 can be as stubborn in regards to eating a variety of food.

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Expressing in public

expressing in public

Kidspot recently published an article titled “How to express when out and about" but what the piece was about was whether or not a person should express while out, not anything about how to.

If I was going to write a “How to" about expressing in public it would read:

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Eco Mum’s Breast Milk Booster

eco mum

My 3 month old baby boy is doing beautifully!
He is feeding like a champion and sleeping like an angel. I am very blessed. That being said, a few weeks ago I noticed that my milk was not 'letting down' as often as it used to and that there was not as much coming through.

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Why I’m About to Breastfeed a 3 Year Old… Again.

breastfeeding 3 year old

Tomorrow my daughter turns 3. Holy moly. I don’t even know how that happened. I swear she was only born 5 minutes ago. Her language development in the last month has been incredible, she’s catching up in leaps and bounds, talking constantly and proving herself to be a very clever.

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Alcohol and breastfeeding

drinking and breastfeeding

It’s that time of year again. A time for getting together, celebrating and having barbeques on barmy summer nights; for some people that means enjoying a glass of wine or an ice cold beer alongside good food and good company.But what does this mean for you if you’re currently breastfeeding?

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“I Support Formula Feeding If…”

support Formula feeding

Something has been on my mind for a while and it’s something that, as a woman, a mother and as a person who has a pair of breasts, is very important to me.Saying “I support formula feeding IF” is just as bad as saying “I support breastfeeding BUT”.I breastfeed my children because I CAN and because I CHOOSE to.I’ve breastfed my son for 3 years and I’m currently breastfeeding my 2 year old.

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Breastfeeding Battles

breastfeeding battles

Online society in particular has this thing where you have to be pro or con on the breastfeeding stance (this is how it comes across, I am not at all saying breast feeding mothers are exclusively bottle feeding haters and anti formula Nazis) I have felt more shame feeding my …

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7 Tips for Gently Weaning a Toddler

gently Weaning a Toddler

My daughter is 2 and for me that signifies the end of “demand feeding”. I did the same with my son, after 2 years old of breastfeeding him on he was gently restricted to only feeding at home, at night, in bed.This sounds so easily done, 2 years of unlimited feeding is a pretty darn good run – you’d think they’d be a little more appreciative and cut me some slack! But for my toddlers reducing feeds has been what I imagine it would be like trying to take away a toddler’s dummy, special comforter, sleep routine and favourite snack all at once; lots of resistance.

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Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy

breastfeeding beyond infancy

So, there’s this women in the UK who’s breastfeeding her 5 year old. Her picture is all over social media. People have been commenting “That’s sick!” “There’s no nutritional value!” “Who is it for, the mum or the child?!” and so on

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Breastfeeding is not a Piece of Cake

breastfeeding is not a piece of cake

Breastfeeding is not a piece of cake, but there are similarities. The year my daughter turned two it took me three days to construct her birthday cake. It was a beautiful white chocolate mud cake with a fondant farm yard, inspired by something I saw by Martha Stewart. It didn’t occur to me that Martha has battalions of experts behind her, and I failed home economics. Modelling those little animals in the small hours of the night was a mission though to everybody else it might have seemed a little obsessive. Ok, perhaps more than a little. Baking and decorating my children’s birthday cakes is an act of love, and the planning and process of baking a gift in itself.

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Reason’s my Toddler wants to Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is like a favourite snack, a cuddle with Mumma and the comfort of sucking all rolled into one, so it’s no wonder that my toddler wants to feed often, but yesterday walking home from dropping her big brother off at school she lifted up her arm to show me the scratch on her elbow from the previous day, she held onto her scratch and told me “ow, ow, ow” emphasised with a little pout and sadness in her eyes – then she tapped my chest and brightly asked “boo boo?”

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Nursing Aversion: Tandem Feeding

Nursing Aversion: The toe-curling, blood-boiling, rip-your-hair-out, bite-the-back-of-your-hand and want-to-go-running-down-the-street-screaming feeling that you may get when your toddler asks for the boobies

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The slogan is “Breast is best”, but more accurately “breast milk is best”. Because some mothers do experience genuine difficulties breastfeeding – breast is not best if for whatever reason your baby is not being sustained by breast feeding, or breastfeeding alone. However sometimes Doctors, Childrens Health Nurses, Midwifes do …

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Mother Gives Baby A Blanket – Breastfeeding in Public

Imagine you’re a mum who has a baby, who is kept warm with a blanket, and you take baby and her blanket out in public all the time. How would this affect you? Or impact your choices about whether or not you use a blanket? Or if your a mother who confidently uses a blanket – anywhere, any time you baby is cold........Read More Click the Article

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CupCake’s Breastfeeding Story

This is my gorgeous CC. 4 days old, so sleepy and yellow. When I was pregnant I daydreamed about the beautiful bond I would create with my perfect little person through breastfeeding. Of course everyone says it’s hard, it’s challenging, it’s not easy for everyone… But surely for me… I …

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Human Breast Milk Donations…

Human Breast Milk Donations A few years ago, I read in the news about an ice cream shop in the UK that was selling ice cream made from human breastmilk for something like $25 a pop.  At the time, Margo had just been born and I had already been breastfeeding …

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Extended Breastfeeding

Extended Breastfeeding Or as I like to call it – breastfeeding. A part of me felt very sad one day reading online a mother was talking about how her family didn’t approve of her “extending breastfeeding” and then revealed her baby was in fact only 9 months old. Without at …

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How To Approach Baby Led Weaning

I’m a firm believer in only starting a baby on solids only when they reach certain developmental milestones: sitting, able to put things (food) in their mouth, etc.

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Breastfeeding in Public

I know this whole “Breastfeeding in public” thing has just kept bubbling away on social media and I do apologise to those who are a bit over hearing about it because I’m going to bring it up again.

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