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It’s that time of year again! In the days between Christmas and New Years Eve I agonise over what to do to ring in the new year. Part of this agony is of course because that is a decision that really needs to be made before the 30th of December. By now venues are booked and friends have plans.

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Christmas Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of year. My tree has been up for nearly a full month and I’ve had presents tucked away even before the tree went up. And if I’m TOTALLY honest I sing Christmas Carols year round. Don’t hate …

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I’m Grateful For Gratitude


Never in my life have I started more sentence - or more thoughts - with phrases like:“Thank goodness….” “Just as well…” “At least…” “I’m just glad that…”“It could be worse.”

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Phone Calls Are Scary – I Hate Calling People

Phone Calls Are Scary I hate calling people on the phone. Hate it. I get a little heart racing panic every time. Whether it’s calling the mechanic to book my car in for a service, or calling my mum to ask if she can babysit the kids. I hate that …

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Stop Asking Me To Work For Free

This isn’t just something that happens in the blogging community. This happens to basically everyone in the creative or arts industry. We’re expected to work for experience, for exposure, for trade - but not for money.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You

all I want for christmas is you

The Year A Christmas Carol Broke My Heart *Content warning* Discusses difficulty conceiving. One Christmas, several years ago I was walking through a shopping centre with my son who had just turned 2 years old. There were decorations everywhere and Christmas Carols were playing continuously. Overall it was a lovely …

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Anxiety As A Blogger


So, in the last month I’ve only published one thing written by me. I don’t know if anyone has actually noticed - and it’s totally okay if you haven’t - I’ve gone to some effort to conceal my “writer's block”; frequently posting amusing memes on social media and sharing guest articles.

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7 Reasons Child-free Friends Rock!

child-free friends

Child-free friends do often get a bit of a bad press. They don’t understand what it’s REALLY like to be a parent, which occasionally leads to them giving us advice about how we should raise our children based on how they imagine parenting will be with their theoretical future children.

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I Just Can’t Get Enough Sleep

can't get enough sleep

I want to tell you something. I feel like you will understand, even if you aren’t in the same boat. Why? Because what I want to tell you relates to a desire that we all have. Something we all want.

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So… I wrote a children’s book…

writing a children's book

I went for “inspiration” for blogging and ended up sort-of-but-not-really self publishing a children’s book within about 48 hours of attending the class. I had already written it about a year ago and I had most of the pictures sketched; it just wasn't in book form, it was a pile of paper I had stashed in my wardrobe.

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Bloggers with a Potty-Mouth

submit your article

I recently read a blog post titled "You Don't Need to Use Curse Words in Blog Posts" and I was surprised that I had a lot to say on the topic, despite the fact I don't really ever swear - while blogging or in real life.

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6 Things I love About Smaller Homes

things I love about smaller homes

Yesterday we put a rental application in on a house - a whole house - that has easily twice the space of our current home, and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that we are accepted. It has two living rooms, 4 bedrooms, and more cupboards than I’d know what to do with!

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How To Prepare For Night Out As A Mum

This is half how to, how not to, how I do it (ha like I do this regularly). Full disclosure I might be a little bit of an anxious, stressed out person who likes to be in control and have a plan. But I also want to have fun and pretend to not be those things.
So here's my plan to ensure a smooth and enjoyable night out on the town.

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Bloggers Are People Too

bloggers are people too

Bloggers are people, with flaws and feelings. They provide a diverse range of perspectives on limitless topics. Plus I’ve never met a blogger I didn’t like.

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What Other People Think Of Me Is None Of My Business

what other people think of me

So, a couple of days ago someone told me something that had been said about me that wasn’t very nice. Actually, it was pretty horrible. Also extremely unfair and simply untrue.

Nonetheless, it was said. It was told from one person to another person and then that other person told me.

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Getting My Drivers Licence

getting my drivers licence

I’m going for my driving test tomorrow - and I won't lie, I’m more than a little nervous.

I’ve been on my Ls for about 7 years (so, not long - ha) I’ve always been a little anxious around cars - both in them and just in general. I have for as long as I can remember always been just a little jumpy as a passenger.

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I Always Wanted To Be A Writer

always wanted to be a writer

Being a writer is the one thing I ever firmly knew I wanted to be when I “grew up”. I always loved reading. I started reading fantasy fiction novels when I was 12 and that was when I felt like that was what I wanted to do.

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Just Take The Compliment

take the compliment

I have an major issue with accepting compliments, I seem to habitually disagree with the person who is trying to genuinely trying to offer me a compliment, so I thought, I should write myself an open letter and share it because I’ve noticed I’m not the only person who does this and it seriously needs to stop.

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I Don’t Believe In Ghosts But…

ghost stories

I’m not really sure what it was about that apartment, but there was always an underlying feeling of unease there. It wasn't anything to do with how the apartment looked - it wasn't an older place. It didn't have any bad history. It was a nice apartment in a nice suburb.

But it still just had a weird "vibe".

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Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis

I've been feeling flat, unmotivated, lost, bored, lonely and uneasy.I have a constant “There’s something I should be doing” feeling. But even when have things I SHOULD be doing, I often don't have the energy to do them.

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It’s My Birthday

it's my birthday

Happy Birthday To Me! It’s my birthday on Saturday and I’m super excited – my kids are being baby sat overnight (yay sleep!) and I have plans to meet friends (yay friends!) in the city (yay city!) for drinks (YAY DRINKS!) I have a table booked, I’ve given some serious …

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I Hate Making Mistakes

I hate making mistakes. I hate it. I agonise over mistakes, mistakes I've made, mistakes I might make, mistakes that could have been worse, mistakes that I feel nobody else but me would ever make. Rationally I know that everyone makes mistakes, but ...

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