Hippybottomus OSFM Pocket Nappy Review

I have had the opportunity to test out MCN's in the past through my work as an Early Childhood Educator on a few of the babies who used MCN's, but never on my own baby. The ease and convenience of disposable nappies is a big win for me, especially with…

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Woolworths “Once Upon a Time” Baby Products Review

The Woolworths Once upon a baby range is a relatively new supermarket market brand of baby goods. I have fallen in love with this brand and when trying a new product with my baby I always look for a once upon a time option first. It's great quality and a…

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Baby Beehind Magicall Review

I first purchased 6 Baby Beehind Magicalls, size large, when my first baby was about 11 months old, up until then I’d been using old-school terry towel nappies with pins, as well as prefolds with a Snappi nappy fastener. After the first couple of washes and wears I ordered another…

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An Extract of my Life in the Modern Cloth World

When i was born my parents had one choice; to use terry cloth nappies. And mum would soak, wash, dry then fold them ready to use. Now it seems more convenient to use disposables. Simply purchase from the supermarket and use then throw. Now when i fell pregnant with my…

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Cloth Nappies

There are several different types of cloth nappies, and countless brands. The benefits of using cloth are substantial if you consider the cost of using disposables to both your pocket and to the environment as well as being more convenient – yes you read correctly – if you running low…

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Toilet Training

Stay Positive. This cannot be emphasised enough – toileting, or “toilet training” – should not be a source of shame, punishment, anger, or disgust from the parent. If you are getting frustrated and fed up take a breath (or maybe hold your breath) and think about the long term impacts.....

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