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Extended Breastfeeding

Extended Breastfeeding Or as I like to call it – breastfeeding. A part of me felt very sad one day reading online a mother was talking about how her family didn’t approve of her “extending breastfeeding” and then revealed her baby was in fact only 9 months old. Without at…

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How To Approach Baby Led Weaning

I’m a firm believer in only starting a baby on solids only when they reach certain developmental milestones: sitting, able to put things (food) in their mouth, etc.

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Different Types Of Baby Carriers

There are many different types of baby carriers; they come in a range of types, brands, styles, sizes, prices and quality. This is just a brief overview of the different basic types of carriers to give you a rough idea of what you might want to look for.

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Breastfeeding in Public

I know this whole “Breastfeeding in public” thing has just kept bubbling away on social media and I do apologise to those who are a bit over hearing about it because I’m going to bring it up again.

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Baby is Starting Child Care

Baby is Starting Child Care I feel totally out of my depth again after 4 years of parenting. And you’d think of all things that I should be totally okay and under control with is a baby starting child care today.

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