Deck The Walls – Christmas is Coming

There seems to be two distinct groups of people on Social Media as Christmas approaches: People who post about how excited they are about Christmas and people who post about how annoying people who post about how excited they are about Christmas.

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Have A Little Faith

So somewhere between there and adulthood the “not believing” outweighed the “believing”, and I stopped praying, or saying grace, and at some point I stopped having faith.

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Taking the Christ out off Christmas.

I will start by telling you I am just a bit in love with Christmas time. Everything about it, The tree, the decorations, the food, the gifts

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Reason for the Season

“Oh, Hi little one“, said this excited lady, flapping her arms, at the shopping center, “It won’t be long until Christmas… Santa is going to come and bring you lots of presents… Are you excited?!”  I did the ‘ol smile and nod as she walked past.  She was speaking to…

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