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Occupational Therapy

Defining Dyspraxia


Dyspraxia affects many children and can be devastating to parents and families to see throughout a child’s development. It holds children back, especially in an academic setting, and without intervention, can lean to lowered self esteem, poor academic grades, poor social skills and some mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

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3 Important Things To Know About Tactile Defensiveness

tactile defensiveness

All babies are born with a myriad of senses that help us learn, move through our environment, explore and grow as people. Often we refer to our five basic senses as touch, sight, sound, smell, and hearing. There are many more ‘hidden’ senses, but more on that at a later time.

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Take A Seat – How Your Chair Affects Handwriting

chair affects handwriting

For any skill in child development to be supported, it needs to be supported from the bottom up. All skills need a good foundation and handwriting is no exception.

Like most skills, all is not what it seems, and a lot more is involved than you may think.

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Should we diagnose? Considerations for Parents

autism diagnosis

Often as an paediatric occupational therapist, I get clients coming to me seeking clarification about their child’s state of development. This may include answering a few questions, doing a formal assessment, and writing up a report. Or, it may be contributing to their journey to seek out a formal diagnosis of some sort.

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Auditory Processing Disorder

auditory processing disorder

The difference between hearing, listening and auditory processing It’s common to have to call our child not once, twice, but twenty times before they respond. Especially if they’re in the middle of their favourite video game. This is typical to a certain extent, but how do we know when there’s …

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All About Occupational Therapy

what is occupational therapy

As a paediatric occupational therapist, I often get asked what my job involves. Being so broad, it can sometimes be difficult to explain quickly. This blog article explains a bit more about paediatric occupational therapy, and how it may help your child.

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Don’t Eat That! -Tips To Help With Mouthing

children mouthing

As babies, it is essential that we explore our environment with every possible sense we have. Touch things, look at things, smell things, hear things, and of course…. Taste things. Infants are often caught with all kinds of things in their mouths!

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