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Why I Craft For Love Not Money

I’ll start by saying this isn’t a complaint, I do actually get a bit of a thrill every time someone says to me “Oh, did you make that ?! It’s great! You should sell them!” Or I get the more forward “So, Rach, when are you going to open a…

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Pocket Money and Chores

There are two main schools of thought around Pocket Money and Chores. On the one hand, pocket money can be given as a direct payment to your child in return for chores they do. They may earn a set amount per activity completed (for example $1 for washing the dishes…

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The Surprising Finances of Raising Children

Whether you’re a mum and dad working on a rural angus beef farm in Bathurst, NSW or a couple in inner-city Melbourne living the corporate life, the decision to have children is a big one. It affects not only your life, but your daily and monthly routine for the indefinite…

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When To Start A Family

How are you doing financially? Well it isn’t cheap to have kids, no -sir! There are so many costs associated with having children it would be near impossible to plan and prepare for scenarios and circumstances.

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