Chi Khi Bare Wonder Cream and Nappy Cream

A few weeks ago we were sent a beautifully wrapped gift set from Chi Khi and their brand new Chi Khi bare baby skin care range.

And by beautifully wrapped, I mean, gorgeous. I think that it would make a perfect gift before you even get to the actual product.

Firstly, it came in this box:


And inside the box was this tissue paper:


And inside the tissue paper was this adorable fabric bag (that may or may not have somehow become my every hand “hand bag”… more on that later…) with these lovely looking boxes inside.



And finally inside these boxes were two products that have taken up permanent residence in my bathroom cabinet.

12036886_10205452491735902_2995570401313358835_n (1)



On to the product review:

Firstly, with regards to both products they are free from artificial fragrance, sulphates, parabens, and petrochemicals. They’re also Australian made and owned – which is awesome. ACTUALLY if you didn’t know, Chi Khi brand is owned by Natalie Bassingthwaighte and also have a range of adorable children’s clothing as well.

Chi Khi Bare Natural Nappy Balm – $19.95

I have used a lot of different nappy creams, as a mum who’s been on a nappy-rash-go-round before where I tried EVERYONE’S recommendations to find anything that helped, I’ve also used a lot of different brands while working in childcare, so I feel I can say that I’m experienced with nappy creams. Firstly I love that it doesn’t really have a smell, a lot of nappy creams I’ve used, even “unfragranced” ones still have a bit of a lingering smell that hangs about even after you’ve put the nappy back on. Another big plus is it glides on super easily – there’s nothing worse with a nappy cream than something tacky that you have to actually rub it on to spread it. When baby has a sore bottom the less fuss it takes to apply the better. With regards to effectiveness; I don’t have a rashy baby to try it on, as youngest is only in night nappies, though when she’s had a sore bum she’s asked for it on and according to her it feels good. So. There you have it. It has my toddler’s stamp of approval.

More Information on Chi Khi Bare Nappy Balm

Chi Khi Bare Wonder Cream $24.95

It says on the packet to “use sparingly” and trust me, it means it. So this tub will last a VERY LONG TIME. The first impression was it looks and feels pretty much like butter; which I had some reservations about, but when used very lightly it’s been great on my son’s mild eczema flare ups – especially on his face. We’ve tried a lot of skin creams for him, (he’s the baby who had the persistent nappy rash) he gets really dry and sometimes cracked skin on his hands, and flakey redness on his face; especially this time of year and since we’ve had the wonder cream, it’s the one that he’s asking to use the most. There’s no initial sting when it’s applied, which has been a problem with some products; even ones that have helped treat his skin still seem to hurt his sore, raw skin when it first goes on. So we couldn’t be happier with this product and when it runs out (as I said, in a very long long time) we will be buying more of it.

More Information on Chi Khi Bare Wonder Cream 

As for my new “handbag”

I don’t normally carry a handbag, but this fabric bag has been floating around on the bench, and I found it’s the perfect size to toss in my keys, phone wallet, a spare pair of undies and a plastic bag for my more-or-less toilet trained little girl and a small packet of wipes.

Even my little girl loves it and keeps trying to claim it for herself!

My little Fashionista!

*Note: the gift wrap bag comes as standard, but the box, tissue paper, sticker and a card cost an extra $10.




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  1. ooh, i might have to try the wonder cream for myself, and the nappy cream for Elliot. (doesn’t get rash unless he is having a poopy week and i don’t get to it immediately, but when he does get it, cream is essential for his poor little bum)

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