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Clearing Out Baby Stuff

This is something I’ve dreaded since our daughter was a few months old and we discussed that she is absolutely our last baby. After a year of discussion, I’ve finally decided it’s time to sort out all the baby stuff / clothes, nursery furniture and accessories and find it all new homes. It’s not a task I’m excited about. I’m so torn between knowing it’s time, that they’re just unnecessarily taking up space, but not being completely ready to let it all go.

I can barely look at each item one by one, I’ve sorted the clothes out by size, just looking at the tag and throwing them into large black garbage bags, which will be labeled and dropped off at a local charity. My partner had suggested we sell the items in bulk lots, which does makes sense, but if I have to lay all my memories of my babies when they were much smaller out and take photos, then sell them on to some stranger, I might snap and pack them all into the boxes I’ve been hoarding in the cupboard and never ever part with them.

How could I ever part with this moment?

The problem is don’t see a newborn sized tutu, I see my few day old daughter sleeping in my lap, I don’t see a size 00 Winnie the pooh Onesie, I see my 4 week old baby boy wiggling on the floor discovering his hands, the size 2 fleecy pyjamas aren’t just pyjamas they’re “rocket jammies”, they’re wash-and-dry-before-bed-or-else-there’ll-be-a-melt-down-jammies. It’s all the firsts, first time being dressed, first time out of hospital, first outing, first Christmas, first crawl, first steps, first favourite outfit. All those firsts, that as soon as those physical embodiment of those memories leave my house, are over. I can still pick up my first babies first 0000 pyjamas and cuddle them (when nobody is watching) I can pretend he can still sleep comfortably held on one arm, that he’s not starting school next year.

I can – and will – keep some items, I don’t have to part with all of it, but I can’t keep all of it, there’s two whole packing cartons full of clothes.

The "few" things I'm keeping.
The “few” things I’m keeping.

It just makes it too concrete , in a way replacing bigger items seems a lot easier to me – actually I am planning to sell my big double pram and replace it with something much more compact. But even if we were to have another baby at some stage I don’t mind replacing those bigger items, like cots and prams –  in fact, I love replacing prams – it’s the years worth of clothes, all those individual items, that would all need to be replaced, should be decide to have another baby. Not that I actually even want more children, I feel that we’re complete, there might always be a little “what if” but it doesn’t fit into our plans. Just part of me doesn’t feel quite ready to leave baby land behind forever.

What are you planning to keep from your children’s babyhood?

About Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central Australia. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner.She has a background in early childhood education, but right now is content to be a stay at home mum.She is passionate about birthing rights, breastfeeding and mental health. She enjoys crafting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.

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  1. Emily Garratt

    Waaaah I can’t do it, just can’t bring myself to part with the baby things

  2. Parenting Central Australia

    It’s surprisingly hard to let it all go, they’re just “things” but they’re so much more.

  3. Emily Garratt

    Yep I have a whole room of clothes haha

  4. Merindah Differ

    Have a giant bag of clothes ready to go. And have been thinking about what I am going to do with the cot and stuff.. I am honestly just wanting it all gone now.

  5. Candice Grainger

    Yep I’m finding it way to hard to part with Mak’s baby stuff. Last time I got rid of Blay’s baby stuff with the plans of ‘no more’ along came Mak so now I’m just going to hold onto my stuff for that bit longer!!

  6. Emily Garratt

    Indeed candice, that’s how I feel I got rid of Livvy’s stuff but have Imogen

  7. Sharree Gardner

    We don’t have any baby stuff in our house at all. No cot no nothing.

  8. Emily Garratt

    No cot sharree? So grown up, where did our babies go?

  9. Sharree Gardner

    Nope. He’s had trouble sleeping since his surgery so he’s sleeping on the trundle bed that was under Katherine’s bed. That I can go and sleep with him when he’s irritable.

  10. Emily Garratt

    That’s such a great idea. I’ve had a few friends do that kind of thing now. Sadly I don’t think Imogen will be ready for some time to come.

  11. Kylie Wilkes-Johnson

    Are u sure??? We know what you guys are like lol… Xxx

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