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Code Camp – My Kid Is Learning To Code

Code Camp Is Coming

code camp

So late last year my son came home super excited that they were starting to learn about coding in his computer class at school. Kid was in Grade 2.

The first thing he did when he got home was turn on the computer, and show me this video.

Up until that moment I’d given absolutely no thought to coding, much less my 7 year old son learning how to code. But, seeing his face light up when he talked about it – and watching the above video – I was pretty clear; he’s going to learn how to code.

Kid’s Aren’t Afraid Of Technology

I feel like I’m in an in-between generation when it comes to technology. I was born into a house with a computer, so computers have always been a part of my life. We had the old DOS operating system, and even though as I got older computers became a lot easier to use, I’ve grown up thinking I have to already know what I’m doing before I can use technology.

Even with super intuitive smart phone whenever I get a new phone I spend the first few weeks afraid to do anything, or change anything, out of fear I might somehow bugger it up.

My kids – and I think most kids – don’t have that fear. They have a comfort level with technology that most adults don’t have. They’re happy to just have a go and see what happens. And as a result my kids could operate a smartphone before they can speak in full sentences.

So my kid has no fear of technology. Of course he can learn how to code. No worries. Same as he can learn to read and write. Coding (from what little I understand) is just like learning another language.

Or as my kid described it; coding is just learning how to talk to computers.

The Benefits Of Coding

Obviously as a parent I want my kids to have the best opportunities. I want them to be able to have whatever successful career they want in the future. And yes, I have no doubt that coding could be an incredibly valuable skill to have as an adult. But really just I want my kid to learn coding because right now it’s fun for him. It makes him happy.

In the same way he goes to Little Athletics, even though I don’t expect he’ll become an athlete when he’s an adult.

It’s just about learning a skill, having fun, making friends, building his confidence, and having a really cool hobby.

Sending Him To Code Camp

So as you can imagine when I was contacted by Code Camp to see if I wanted to collaborate with them on a post, and they offered me a 3-day school holiday camp for my child, I said yes! Absolutely! And I couldn’t wait to tell my kid.

He’s actually already signed up for a different coding after school program at his school next term, but we still jumped at the opportunity for him to do Code Camp as well. If Code Camp had been offered at his school he’d have already been signed up for it!

Though children don’t have to be a student at the school offering the school holiday Code Camp to attend – so I’m going to be taking him to a school not too far away, which I didn’t realise was an option.

To find out if there’s a Code Camp in your area just head to the Code Camp website and enter in your postcode.

They have 3 day school holiday programs, and also some schools have after school programs (Note: the after school Code Camp is only for students who already attend that school).

Review Coming Soon

I cannot wait for the review! At Code Camp they learn how to make their very own app or game. So after the school holidays my son and I will make a walk through video to show you what he made and talk about how much fun I’m sure he’s going to have.

About Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central Australia. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. She has a background in early childhood education, but right now is content to be a stay at home mum. She is passionate about birthing rights, breastfeeding and mental health. She enjoys crafting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.

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  1. Christine Knight Thomas

    This is awesome! It makes me so happy to hear about coding camps like this for kids. My husband is starting to teach my daughter to code. Such an incredible skill to have.

  2. Melanie Crawford

    Yay! Sounds like fun

  3. Amanda Nicholls

    I love this! So exciting that they will be learning how technology works from the ground up!

  4. Nae An Col

    Oh wow!!! My son is really getting into coding at the moment

  5. Lauren Elise Threadgate

    Your son sounds like a little champion ?

  6. Julie Crouch

    This photo is absolutely awesome! Look at their faces!

  7. Monica Jordan

    Wow great opportunity!

  8. Cate Brickell

    I think mr7 would love to learn to code, he’s actually really bored with Minecraft at the moment!

  9. Jacq Paraguya

    Cool! I reckon most kids nowadays would be coding champs! 🙂 I wish I were like them. Sometimes I can’t even figure out things in my blog. Haha!

  10. Tory Warren

    Oh I can’t wait til my son is old enough for this!!

  11. Cristin Kelly Jovicic

    So amazing what kids learn now – the world is wide open to them!

  12. Mim Jenkinson

    That is amazing! OH bless his excitement! x

  13. Veronica Neal

    that sounds like a lot of fun!

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