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Dad’s Check List

Hey dad’s to be, this is a check list for you because once the screaming and pushing starts, there’s often little time for clear-headed thought. You’ll need to be prepared ahead of times of items you may need.

This is a just a suggestions, just to get you thinking of what to pack for your self.  After packing your bag store it in a convenient place, easily remembered & reachable spot.

Dad's Check List

  • Cash $$$ – $5, $10, $20 and coins for vending machine/ parking meters / some coffee and snacks for yourself / flowers for your partner or a cigar.
  • A folder containing important hospital forms.
  • Clothing for the new mother, pack her some pj’s, socks, changes of underwear, slippers, etc.
  • A watch with second hand to time contractions. Or download an app on your smartphone/tablet.
  • Reading material for yourself. – Books/Magazines or birth/infant care books.
  • Digital equipment (Camera, Memory Card, Mobile phone / Laptop / Tablet and Chargers.
  • A stress ball for your self (keeps the hands moving) , hot or cold packs.
  • Reading material for yourself.
  • Any personal items, toothpaste/brush, Shampoo, hair brush, glasses, contact lenses.
  • Change of cloths for your self.

This is a must do:
– Buy and install your baby’s infant car seat for the trip home. It is required by law.  

And finally – Relax. Enjoy. Big Breath, The fun’s about to begin.

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If you require any more info asks the Parenting Central Community, in the Community Forum.

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