My Definition Of A Legend

Definition Of A Legend

His name is Ashley Walsh and in my eyes he is a legend.

In just over a week Ash and three of his closet mates Jason Stivala, Rohan Eggleston and Gary Dester, will be riding their bikes 860km in six days from Adelaide to Geelong, raising money for Kids Plus.  He is riding for his beautiful son Jacob, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth and in his words “is my greatest inspiration”.

Kids Plus are a Geelong-based parent-driven organisation providing pediatric intensive therapy programs for children with neuro-physical disabilities.

I have known Ash and his family for over twenty years and in that time we have done a lot together.  We played footy at East Keilor Football Club, celebrated AFL Grand Final days, been away playing golf, shared weddings and the birth of our children together.  In that time he has never changed as a person and that is what makes Ash such a great bloke.  A natural athlete (don’t we hate these types of mates) who loves a beer and a good time but his number one priority is his family.  Ash’s wife Wil is just as much a legend having to put up with him!

So when Ash told me in 2012 he was getting on his bike and ride over 800km for his son, it though he was nuts.  He even asked me to go along but I said “No” (I’m soft).  Deep down I was inspired.  Here is a guy that is using his own time, battling the elements to raise awareness for a cause that is dear to his heart.  The greatest thing about Ash is that when you talk to him about the challenge and what it means to him and his family, he is so humble and you can’t but admire the guy.  He is about to do it all again: not for reward, not for recognition, just for his little man that inspires him every day.

Ash is the type of guy every mum would love to have as their son-in-law, and every person want to have as a friend.

Ash, Jason, Rohan and Gary head off from Adelaide on Sunday, September 22nd and will arrive in Geelong on Saturday, September 27th.

If you would like to know more about the work of Kids Plus or to make a donation for the ride, please visit this

Please leave a message of encouragement for Ash and the guys in the comments section below.

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