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Disposable Nappies

baby girlDepending on what nappies you use, disposable nappies can be your most expensive nursery item. On average, full time in disposable nappies, you will spend approximately $1,500-$3000 on disposable nappies from birth to toilet training, per child.

There are many different brands of disposable nappies. The come in a range of sizes, shapes and prices. The cheapest disposable nappies (such as Aldi, Kmart and Supermarket branded nappies) can be as much as 40% cheaper than the most expensive big brands. Which over 2-3 years can easily amount to a several hundred dollar price difference.

The main factors to consider when you choose a nappy are:

Fit – Babies come in all shapes and sizes too, some nappies simply do not work for some babies. You might ask your mothers group “what nappies do you use” and receive 5 different answers and everyone swears by the nappies they use. Regularly leaking out of the nappy – if they are changed every couple of hours or as required – is an indication whatever nappy you are using for your baby doesn’t suit them. You may need to try a bigger or smaller size, sometimes chubbier babies may need to be in toddler or walker nappies, or sometimes you petite baby might stay in newborn or infant size for longer.

Something you can try if you know a few mothers having trouble deciding on a nappy brand/size works best for your baby – have a nappy swap – if you all have a half empty packet of nappies that are repeatedly leaking try swapping some around, try a few different brands to work out what works best for you baby.

Cost – If you are using a top brand of nappies, and they are working for baby, but not for you wallet, give some less expensive nappies a go. Look for sales and specials. Otherwise jump online, buying in bulk can save some money over time.

Eco impact – There are a few brands of bio-degradable disposable nappies, available in major supermarkets as well as online.

Convenience – It can be a bit of a hassle if you are using Aldi or Kmart brand nappies, or a supermarket brand nappy, but you don’t often shop there, considering you will be buying nappies week in, week out, likely for the next couple of years, consider trying nappies which are more easily purchased. Alternatively there are several services which do bulk deliveries of nappies, which in some instances can also be cheaper if you live in a metro area.

Choosing a brand – like many parenting choices – can be a matter of trial and error. But it is worth shopping around and making a choice that works best for your family.

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  1. I absolutly love the woolies once apon a time nappies. they fit my petite little man perfectly and rarely leak, whereas Huggies i cant stand and only use if i have to because they are prone to leaking and poohsplosions on my little monkey. Huggies seems to have the smallest sizing, so were great in the first few weeks when nothing else fit my perfectly average weight and length son, aldi was ok too but i do like the once apon a time ones so much more. they are also very cost effective. not as cheap as homebrand, which were OK aside from being huge in the same weight range. so huge that i brought them 6 wks ago and they still dont fit!