DIY Fabric Memory Game Cards

DIY Fabric Memory Game Cards


Fabric scrapes
Coloured Cardboard (so that you can’t see through them)
Pinking Shears(Zig Zag scissors)

Laminating sheets (Optional)
Self adhering velcro (For the bag, Optional)

KS.DIY Fabric Memory Game Cards.2

I made 20 cards (10 pairs) of matching fabric.  Make sure that your background paper is bigger than the fabric. So when the cards are laying up-side-down, the child can’t see the fabric… otherwise, it won’t be much of a memory game.

1. Cut out cardboard rectangles or squares.

2. Cut out the fabric scrapes. (remember to cut smaller than the your cardboard shapes)

3. Paste the fabric onto the cardboard.

4. (Optional) Laminate the Memory cards.

5. (Optional) Create a bag for them.

KS.DIY Fabric Memory Game Cards.1

Since I had my sewing machine handy, I just made a quick little carry bag.

I used a piece of velcro to hold the bag together. You could also tie them together with some string or an elastic.

KS.DIY Fabric Memory Game Cards.3

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