Easter Egg Hunt With Clues

Easter Egg Hunt With Clues

Instead of a traditional egg hunt, add some clue cards to the mix.

easter egg huntWrite a series of clues for your child to follow to find their Easter Treats!

You will need:

– System Cards or
– Cut to size some paper
– Coloured Pen’s or if you cant draw, print off some pictures of each location.

easter egg hunt 2– Make the clues age appropriate.
– When playing, you can give them all the cards or one clue at a time, eg. ask them what does the picture look like or if they can read, get them to read the clues to you, then send them off to find the egg.

– Or you could even leave more cryptic clues, like “the next clue is hiding somewhere you eat” rather than simply “on the table”.
– You could also do this with a map of your house and yard and they need to collect treats as they go, like a treasure map.

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