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Easy Hairstyles

Easy Hairstyles

Quick hair tricks for medium-long straight hair.

I’ll apologies in advance – hair styling is NOT in my skill set, if there are any hair dressers or people skilled in the art of hair styling please contact us via email or social media as we’d love to publish any tutorials you might have made, especially for a range of hair lengths, however, this is the best I could do while we’re lacking a stylist on our writing team.

1506454_10201502454827448_823277903_nAnyhow, enough apologies, on with the tutorial. I wanted to make a tutorial with limited supplies, so I have bobby pins, brush, comb and hair ties – hairspray may be a good idea also. I also ran a straightener quickly through my hair because I went to bed with damp hair after washing it last night resulting in frizzy fluff, so this may or may not be a step you want to include. Depending on how smooth you want the results.

Braid Headband

Step 1.  I don’t have a fringe, but I feel these styles look better with a fringe, this step is optional depending on your fringe situation/preference. I just section off as much fringe as I need with a comb, twist it and pin it up with a bobby pin for safe keeping.


Step 2. Section off a handful of hair from behind your ear. Braid the length of the hair, tie it with a hair tie or pop a bobby pin at the end to stop it unravelling. Repeat on the other side with an equally sized handful of hair.


Step 3. Lift one braid across your head and then the next. Cross them in the middle and tuck the ends of each braid into the base of the other braid to cover the ends of your hair. Pin those suckers down. If your hair is like mine this will take about 105 bobby pins.


Step 4. If you’re doing a “fringe” unpin it, then comb it out straight and sweep it across to the side, tuck behind your ear and pin it into your hair at the back.


Step 5. Brush out the back of your hair and you’re done!


BYO “bump it”.

Step 1. Again I’m giving myself a faux fringe. (see above)

Step 2. Take your hair back into a pony tail from just below your temples to the crown of your head. You might need to adjust this with a bit of trial-and-error to find how much hair works best for you. Try to get your hair as smooth as possible across your head but don’t pull the ponytail on too tightly, it needs to be a little bit loose.


Step 3. This was way easier to do than photograph. Tuck the ponytail underneath the hair at the front.



Fiddle with your hair until the top is smooth and evenly curved and when you’re happy pop a few bobby pins in at the back to secure the hair tie in place. Also may need a few bobby pins to hold down stray hairs and unwanted lumps.


Step 4. Brush the back of your hair and you’re done.


OR wrap the back into a bit of a twist by grabbing the hair near your neck and twirling it around your fingers until the end are pulled in and under and use a few bobby pins to hold it securely.



OR using the same method as the braid headband add a braid to the style.


OR both!


Thanks for reading, feedback would be appreciated as clearly this is my first hair tutorial. Note: my hair was getting pretty frizzy from all the messing around, I’m sure some kind of product would help with that – recommendations would be great.

If you’d like to see more let me know and I’ll see what I can do! Or if you’d like to submit your own tutorial please do!

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