Easy Pillow Case and Cotton Blanket Gift Set

Handmade gifts are wonderful. They’re personal, unique and made with love and often inexpensive. This is easy pillow case and cotton blanket took me about an hour to complete and it’s all very simple sewing so it should suit beginners. I’ve taken HEAPS of pictures of the process so hopefully this should be easy to follow and reproduce at home.


For this project I have used:

  • 100cm x 120 cms of a patterned cotton fabric (which was $8 at Spotlight)
  • 200cm x 112 cms of plain cotton poplin (Which was about $4 a meter, so also $8 total)
  • Matching cotton thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • A couple of dozen pins

Step One

For a standard sized pillow cut out from your patterned fabric a rectangle 70cms by 50cms. If the pattern has a top and bottom make sure that it it’s right way up when you cut it. On the plain fabric cut out a rectangle 80cms by 50cms (or a bit wider, maybe 85cm, I found mind wound up a little bit too short) Now cut your plain fabric in half to make two rectangles 40cms by 50cm.

If you’re working with a smaller or larger pillow, measure the length and width of the pillow (or a pillow case which already fits), add 5cms to the measurements for the patterned piece and then make the plain piece 10-15cm wider than the patterned piece.(for example for a cushion that’s 40cm by 40cms, you’re patterned piece will be 45cms by 45cms and your plain piece will be 55-60cms by 45cms)



Step Two

Take your two plain pieces and on the middle line where you’ve cut it in half hem the edged by folding them over by 1cm, iron it flat, then fold it over again and iron it flat.

Folded once
Folded twice

Do both halves. If your plain fabric has a “right” and “wrong” side make sure it looks like this when you lay it out, with the “wrong” side facing you and the folded edges showing the “right” side.


Step Three

Now sew the fold down as close to the folded edge as you can.


Step Four

Lay your patterned fabric on the table with the right side facing you and lay the two half plain pieces with the wrong side facing you and pin them together. I’ve placed my pins well away from where I’ll be sewing so I don’t have to remove them as I go around.


Ensure that the hemmed edged overlap. They need to overlap AT LEAST this far. More would be better!



Step Five

Sew all the way around the outer edge, leaving about 1cm seam allowance the whole way around.


After you’ve trimmed any frayed or uneven edges go around the entire outer edge again with a zig zag stitch. Set your sewing machine on the widest stitch with short length stitch.


Turn your pillow case right way out, pop a pillow in it and that’s is the pillow case completed! 

easy pillow case


For instructions on the cotton blanket CLICK HERE.

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