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The last couple of weeks have been wrought with illness and injury.

Not looking for sympathy here, just setting the scene.

10155450_10202118417386127_2093356216_nWe started out with my dodgy hip acting up where I could barely walk, let alone pick up my 9.3kg 8 month old who currently loves climbing all over Mummy. I ended up at the doctor and need an x-ray to see whats going on. Elliot also picked up a cough at mothers group so wasn’t sleeping much, very clingy, coughing himself awake all night and going off his food. This was followed by me getting a horrible toothache, face  swelling, agonising pain. So the dentist says I need a root canal, done over 3 weeks costing me $1,000! (I here this is relatively cheap for a root canal, but seriously, 1 tooth!) so I had it out instead. This is however not the end. Baby still has the nasty cough and not sleeping and then  we get hit with Gastro!

REALLY! And again it looks like it’s originated at mothers group because all the littlies are sick again!

It started with the little guy projectile vomiting Thursday afternoon.  Though he still seemed to feel alright, no extra grizzling, no evident tummy pain, just chucking whatever he consumed. The sheer distance the vomit was getting was actually on the comical side, seriously, I’m talking “pitch perfect” levels of vomit here. And when it only lasted 4 hours and was done I was okay with that.

We then had a pretty normal day Friday, eating and drinking almost normally, just fussy with food, though I was still keeping it plain for his little tummy. All looked to be good. Until 4:30 Saturday morning. I woke to a very distressed little man laying in a very large puddle of chuck. So up he gets and Hubby and I tag team, he cleans up the baby (they jump in the shower) and I clean up the rest.  I had the bassinet made up from the previous day having a couple of extra babies around so we moved it into out room and tried getting him to sleep in there. Which was all good until he tried moving around and not having the space so waking up and coming into our bed for the rest of the night. All fine, he is doing remarkably well, just a bit cranky, still doesn’t seem to actually feel sick, just a bit off and vomiting and pooping whenever he eats or drinks. So we limit what he has and encourage sips of water and small bottles. He isn’t really sleeping much either so he is over tired, and so am I. By 8pm last night we were both exhausted and I had started to feel ill too. So off to bed. He sleeps for half an hour, so I give him to his daddy and head back to bed myself, feeling rather yuck. Sometime not too long after that (not sure when, it’s a bit blurry now) he threw up ALL OVER HIS DADDY! Now, Jake does not do well with vomit so I was up again to help clean the mess. Jake did so well, he held it together, thank goodness, as one whiff had me running for the loo and that was it, my night of Gastro had really begun.  I really am glad this happened on a weekend so I didn’t have to worry too much about how much sleep Jake was getting before going to work and got to have a rest myself and get to bed at a reasonable time. Jake was up with Elliot until 1am. So when it hits 3am, and I’m up for another loo run and Elliot stirs, I’m left unable to go to him fast enough to keep him asleep and he ends up screaming and being up for 2.5 hours! We spent a good chunk of that in bed trying to get him to sleep and him fighting it and waking himself up and being convinced Mummy and Daddy are climbing frames, especially Mummies tummy, that’s surely the best place to climb and jump, (VOMIT!) before giving in and getting up so at least Jake could get  some sleep and I would just sleep during the day.

So 1 small bottle, 4 episodes of “my little pony, friendship is magic” 4 trips to spew and poo AS he is about to FINALLY fall asleep but wakes as soon as I put him down but heck I just can’t hold it any longer and a half a cup of ice chips sucked on to keep dehydration at bay and thinking how similar suffering from Gastro, with a little one also sick, but totally unable to stop jumping on me feels to being pregnant with him. (constant loo runs, chucking, quesy, being kicked in the gut CONSTANTLY , dizziness, exhausted but unable to sleep, back ache, head ache) he finally goes down and I can get to bed at 5:30am.

So, he woke at 9:52 this morning, Jake got up with him and I slept a few hours more. Neither of us has had any issue since 5:30am but also barely consuming anything either. I am limited to water with a bit of orange juice in it and Elliot has had a few small bottles and a half a banana and is now fast asleep, and has been for over an hour now. Fingers crossed things are looking up for me and the little guy at least, because now poor Jake is starting to get an upset tummy too.


Melissa is a married mum of 1 little man Elliot who arrived in our family in july 2013. She also have 2 cats, despite being a dog person. Before becoming Mummy, she worked in a 120 place long day care centre as a toddler room assistant, but being there 3 years i have worked with ages 3 months to 8 years. As well as that she's an arty farty do-it-yourself kind of Mum who loves creating new art experiences and making her own toys and crafts.

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