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Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Family Hand Christmas Tree

Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Step 1 Have the family print their hands on a large piece of white card. It’s easier to do the littlest family members first then fit the large prints around theirs. Leave to dry.

Step 2 Cut out and glue to a large piece of coloured card.

Step 3  Decorate the tree. Add “tinsel” by sweeping a line across the tree with glue (glue stick worked well) then sprinkle with glitter. Then glue on “baubles” – shiney craft circles. Finish with some scrunched up yellow cellophane taped down for a “star”.

Step 4 Add presents with folded pieces of coloured paper. I used patterned origami paper, wrapping paper would work well, or plain coloured paper. Finish by drawing some “ribbons” on the presents with a marker.

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