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Dad’s Babywearing – “Real Men” Wear Their Babies

It seems that there are quite a lot of people out there who still think that dads babywearing is unusual because it's something that only mother’s do; that it’s somehow a feminine activity. It’s an idea that I find more than a little absurd, and I think to explain exactly…

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My Definition Of A Legend

In just over a week Ash and three of his closet mates Jason Stivala, Rohan Eggleston and Gary Dester, will be riding their bikes 860km in six days from Adelaide to Geelong, raising money for Kids Plus. He is riding for his beautiful son Jacob, who was diagnosed with cerebral…

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How to build an everlasting relationship with your children..... I start with one block, then another block + 2 more block,

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Australian University finds father’s Sperm link to children obesity

Researchers have found obese father’s sperm could increase the risk of their children in being overweight. Dr Tod Fullston, of University of Adelaide, has revealed in a study, using mice, a connection between the father’s sperm and obesity and diabetes-like symptoms in up to two generations of offspring. Dr Fullston…

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How i Communicate with a 4 Year Old?

This article was inspired by a friend; He said to me “I like the way you communicate with your boy, My brother just yells and screams at his boy.” There is scientific evidence a baby in the mum’s womb are learning to identify communication via touch and sound. Therefore from…

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Chat with Daddy

Lately my 1 years old daughter has been making a lot of different sounds (apart from the usual crying & bickering.) I decided to try to capture these sounds on my phone, or I wrote down what type of sounds she was making at the time and what it sounded like. I also…

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Shower Time

If we could keep the kids indoors and strapped to the couch, where they can’t get dirty you probably could get away with maybe a shower once a week. There is no fun in that. As parents we both let our kids play and get dirty and every night they…

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Relationship and Sex

The birth of your first child will be a turning point in your relationship. Every relationship is different and so will be your experiences. While for some dads-to-be it will be an easy shift into fatherhood/parenthood, for others it may create some challenges. Your relationship with your partner might change after…

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Lifestyle changes for dads

Hey Dads to be or new dads, be prepared for some “goodbyes” Say goodbye to Space around the house. With kids come a-lot of stuff. Babies need prams, bouncers, nappies. Older kids need toys, books, toys and more toys. And the all need clothes! These all seem to take up…

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Being a new DAD

I believe that there is nothing that can prepare you for the changes of fatherhood. You can read every book, pamphlets, watch every dvd, get advice from other parents, friends, doctors, attend every parenting classes, you will never be completely prepared, all this does is provide you will a good…

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Dads and Toddlers

Toddlers need’s dads. “According to a study conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies Dads are spending about 35 minutes with their children one-on-one each day.” Getting Involved Get involved in your child’s life when your partner is pregnant than at birth through to toddler-hood and the while they…

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New Dad Fears

Experiencing fears about pregnancy, birthing and becoming a parent is normal for dads. Bringing home for the first time a new tiny person that is going to rely on you for their safety, well-being and to bring them up “right” can be stressful. You might feel the pressure of having…

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