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Toilet Paper Roll Activities – Father’s Day

A couple of weeks ago our son decided to start collecting toilet paper rolls (again – this is not the first time he’s started ensuring that no toilet paper roll wind up in the bin) They started piling up so we needed to find a way to use them (or lose them!). A Google search found hundreds of things to do with them (really there is  101 things to do with a toilet paper roll on Pinterest!)

Below are the 6 best pics that we liked. We’ve had a go making the car with bottle top wheel – ours didn’t look as good as it does in the picture but the kids were very happy with it! Although now my son is collecting bottle tops as well…

Next we’ll try to make the car garage in a shoe box.


The important thing is spending time together, having fun and making memories!



Car by Crafty Morning 


Rocket by BhoomPlay


Octopus by Crafty Morning


Green Snake by Pre-school and crafts






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