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The first time I saw the “First Kiss” video, I did get caught up in this sweet and oddly familiar scene, despite it being a bizarre set up of 20 “strangers” asked to kiss for the camera, but I think we can all relate to that “first kiss” awkwardness, building – hopefully – into intimacy. But shortly after this video swept through social media, rumours that it was a “hoax” surfaced. Apparently it’s video for a Wren Studio  where you can actually buy some of the items seen in the video.

Melissa Corker, founder and creative director of Wren, is quoted on as saying “I emailed a bunch of people I know, though my personal life, through Wren. I tried to be diverse. Some of them are musicians. But the guy with the tattoos, he actually works at Wren.” and said that  “Action was never called, so a lot of these people didn’t necessarily know if they were being filmed or not, so you see these real moments.”

Whether it’s truly as genuine and honest as it appears, or if it’s a bunch of seasoned actors and actresses, skilfully displaying that nervous, awkward, shy, but excited feeling before you kiss someone for the first time, either way, this video has touched a lot of people (45,000,000 views on youtube, and counting).

There’s something beautiful about first kisses, because first kisses carry the possibility of being a last first kiss.

I’m also amused by some of the parodies that have come up already! “First Sniff” (dogs) “First Touch” (slapping)

What do you think of the “First Kiss” video? 



Rachel Stewart

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  1. I really do love it. My first kiss with my husband was in the back of a cinema when the last LotR’s movie came out. 3hrs of hot pashing… I would like to imagine that my kiss looked like some of these people.

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