Free Christmas Activities In Melbourne


Free Christmas Activities In Melbourne

Christmas Activities In Melbourne

Yesterday myself and a couple of friends took our children (6 children aged 3 to 7) for a bit of a tour of Melbourne CBD to see the various Christmas displays and activities around at this time of year. I know it’s pretty last minute – with only 2 more days to go out before Christmas, but if you’re still keen to get out and build up the excitement for Christmas day then get out into the city and have a walk around!

Firstly – we parked at Crown, because we’d been told the first 5 hours of parking is just $6 – which is VERY cheap for parking in the city. HOWEVER we didn’t know it was only for the Mutli-level Parking building at that price and parked in The basement level parking instead, which was a pretty steep $35 for 6 hours – whoops. (More info on Crown Parking )

christmas activities in melbourne

The route we took was a simple circuit around the city. We crossed the Yarra River and walked up along King Street (passed the Aquarium), up to Bourke Street, where we caught a tram to Bourke Street Mall, then down Swanston Street to Federation Square, back across the river and walked along Southbank Promenade to Crown. EASY! This trek took us about 4 hours with LOTS to see and do along the way!

Christmas activities in melbourne


It was the first time catching a Tram for some of the kids – so that was exciting in itself – also FYI trams in the CBD are free, you don’t even need a MYKI card, provided you get on and off at any Tram stop with a “FREE TRAM ZONE” sign.

standing on a tram



Then we arrived at Bourke Street Mall – which was strung up with Christmas decorations.

Christmas activities in melbourne

And after waiting in the longest line I’d ever seen in my life.

Christmas activities in melbourne

The kids did thoroughly enjoy seeing the animated story windows. (Though it did feel like it was over too quickly, given how long we waited to see it!!!)

myer window

The walk down Swanston Street was an adventure in itself, with so much to see as we walked to Federation Square.

Melbourne Town Hall is decorated with enormous Toy Soldiers.



A little further down Swanston Street, between Collin Street and Flinders Lane was a fairly enclosed Christmas Garden – where the kids could have a little bit of a run around (without being able to run out onto the road or easily escape).

Christmas activities in melbourne

I assume that Santa makes an appearance here!

Christmas activities in melbourne

There was also a line of yarn bombed trees – but I think I was the only one who was excited about this!!!!

yarn bomb

Okay, they were a *little* bit impressed.

Christmas activities in melbourne


We continued down to just before Flinders Street is where all the horses and carriages wait for passengers, which was an unexpected highlight for the children getting to pat the horses.

Christmas activities in melbourne

And we FINALLY arrived at Federation Square to see an enormous Christmas tree made entirely out of Lego!!!

Christmas activities in melbourne

After that we walked back across the river – getting an excellent view of the city.

view of the city

On the Southbank Promenade we could finally breathe a little, as the crowds were much much lighter on that side of the river, the kids could run a little further, and explore a little more.

running away

We popped into Southgate Shopping Centre food court for a much needed toilet and snack-stop!

Christmas activities in melbourne

Then a little further along the Promenade we stopped to watch a street performer.

street performer

And last – but not at all least – the absolute unquestionable highlight of the day was back at the Atrium at Crown Towers for their “Spectacular” Christmas Display. It was amazing! These pictures don’t do it any justice. It really was incredible. The “shows” with Christmas carols, and the display all comes to life run every half hour between 10am and Midnight.


 Christmas Activities In Melbourne Christmas Activities In Melbourne Christmas Activities In Melbourne Christmas Activities In Melbourne Christmas Activities In MelbourneDSC_6228

It was an amazing day – we were all thoroughly exhausted by the end of it! Definitely a well spent 4 hours – total cost was just parking and some food and drink along the way!

What Christmas displays or activities are on near you? Or do you know of any more Christmas Activities In Melbourne?

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