Got to Love Royalty!

baby-cambridge-2-660 Got to Love Royalty!

Well if you have had your head buried in dirt the past 48hrs you would of heard that the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. A nice 8pounder. News reports say it was a natural birth, and they are still discussing names.

People waited outside the hospital doors for the Royal couple to present their baby to the world, just like Princess Diana and Prince Charles did when baby William was born. They did not disappoint. The Duchess and Prince stepped out of the hospital and smiled and waved to the crowds. The Duchess looked beautiful, wearing a spotted blue dress, and Prince William looking absolutely proud. And you watch this footage the new prince waved as well.

It makes me think how wonderful it was having my eldest in my arms the first time, and how proud I was to show the world, (maybe not as grand as the royals).

What amazes me is watching Will carry the Royal Baby in a capsule and escort his little family into a family car, adjust the car seat, and drive away from the hospital.  It made me realise how normal the royals really are. I kept imagining some kind of horse drawn carriage taking them home.

Anyway, on behalf of all of us here on Parenting Central, we wish HRM Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge a big Congratulations on the birth of their little Prince. And wish you all the very best.

We all look forward to hearing your name announcement, and I am pretty sure you have kept the world guessing. What ever you choose, I am sure it will be perfect.



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