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 We receive a Gro Clock from the Gro Company about a month ago. I was tentatively excited. I do love the idea of it, because over summer with daylight savings I find our youngest especially doesn’t BELIEVE me that it’s actually night time. At 8pm it’s still light outside and she firmly tells me “It’s not night time – it’s still morning.” When I insist it’s night time she’s even laughed, she thinks I’m joking, because she can look outside, she can see it’s clearly bright and light outside.
So I’d hoped that the Gro Clock might help with that – but I didn’t have high expectations.
The other outcome that I barely dreamed to hope for was maybe – just maybe – this might help with getting out little girl to sleep through the night (or at the very least stay in her own bed until morning).When the Gro Clock arrived my daughter was so excited. She quickly claimed it as her “very special clock” and desperately wanted to set it all up herself. (Thankfully there is a key lock feature so she cant just start pressing buttons and messing up the settings)While the settings weren’t necessarily intuitive to work out – I did NEED to read the instructions before I could set the time and allocate the day and night phases – it was very easy to do.Some of the features that I like about the clock is that once you’ve allocated a 12 hour night and day phase, you can have a separate alarm time to the morning time. For example we have night time set to 8pm to 8am, but her alarm doesn’t go off until 8:30 as this is the latest time she can wake up to get ready to take her brother to school. Also the alarm doesn’t need to be switched off, it beeps for  a minute and then stops – so I hear it while we’re getting ready to leave for school but I don’t need to stop what I’m doing to switch it off.My daughter’s favourite function is that you have to “put the sun to bed” with a press of a button. So, once it’s passed over into the night time phase you press the enter button and the sun will wink and then change into the image of the moon. This makes for a nice little bedtime ritual (If necessary you can “wake” the sun back up and put it back to bed to say goodnight to it again)

The sweetest aspect of this set is the bed time story that comes with it, to explain to children that if they sleep during the night they’ll have more energy to play during the day. For a child that is old enough to understand I think this is a nice way of gently teaching children WHY they need to go to bed.

The only downside about this product for me is that it’s not battery powered. I really wish this was more portable. I’m sure it would be suitable if you child has a bedside table and there is a power point somewhere convenient but I just found that would be one thing that would make a big difference for us. However, if for whatever reason you need to unplug the Gro Clock, or the power goes out, you won’t lose all your settings – the clock “freezes” wherever it was when it’s power supply is cut out, which is handy if the power just flicks off and on or if you need to move the clock from one power point to another you won’t need to reset the time – but if the power goes out for a couple of hours the clock will be a couple hours behind when the power comes back on.

Now for the BIG question…. did it help?

I’m very happy to report that bed times have been much more manageable and we’ve even had nights where she’s sat watching her clock waiting for night time to come so she could go to bed. Which is a big change from a few weeks ago! Which really was pleasantly surprising.

She still cries out for me though as soon as she wakes up, but she isn’t quite 3 yet, so I didn’t have high expectations that it would help her stay in bed longer, because when she’s half asleep she just wants a cuddle, she wouldn’t think to look at her clock. But maybe that will change as she gets older.

Though it could just be a coincidence, she has actually been sleeping better in general lately. Perhaps having a consistent and pleasant sleep time has contributed to that.

Overall, I like the product, it’s a great idea, but I imagine the results will depend on the child.

The Gro Clock can be purchased directly from The Gro Company online.

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