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Whooping Cough and Influenza Vaccination during Pregnancy

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Brand Meets Blog and The Immunisation Coalition. I have to admit, I haven’t always been “pro-vaccination”. I was never “anti-vax” either. What I was was scared. When my son was born I actually lived in what at a time was a bit…

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Maybe Baby – Another Baby Is Only In My Dreams

Maybe Baby People ask me all the time if we’re planning to have another baby, and I usually laugh at the thought – of course not. No. No no no. Absolutely not. I don’t want to go back there. Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding – all behind me. Thank goodness for that!…

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Uh oh. What happened????

Within MOMENTS, before even the fluid had reached the other end of the visual window, that line came up. It was DARK. It was definite. There was no squinting involved. No inverse colours on the phone. It was all too clear.

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Was He Planned?

"Was he planned" is one of the most ridiculous (also rude) questions I’ve ever been asked and still after 7 years of being asked it I’m still not entirely sure what kind of answer people are looking for... But the question itself is completely absurd, because the only answer there…

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The most embarrassing things about being pregnant

Pregnancy is lovely! You’re growing a tiny human inside you! You’re glowing with maternal love and joy! It’s all sunshine and roses and riding off into the sunset to the sound of 120 piece symphony orchestra. Oh, wait no. That’s not at all how it works.

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I think I’m Done Having Babies

I’m always jealous when someone says with absolute certainty that they are completely done having babies, that they know with all that they are that their family is complete and they have no deeply buried yearning to do it all over again, to be pregnant, to give birth, to hold…

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Birthing Your Breech Baby

Birthing Your Breech Baby – What Are Your Options? About 3-4 per cent of babies present breech at term. This means that the baby’s head is at the top of the uterus and its buttocks, knees or feet are at the bottom. Some breech babies have their legs straight up…

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The Countdown

I am currently 35 weeks into my second pregnancy and although I have been using an app to help me keep track of my weeks, I am now starting the "it's so close" end of the line count down. My first pregnancy, with daughter Ayla, was uneventful and 'boring'. I…

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World of Baby Showers

Baby Showers are the gathering to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. Many involve playing games, talking about babies, names, eating nice food and opening up gifts.

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Surprise! It’s a Baby!

We have all heard the story about the woman who didn't know she was pregnant until she had the baby. The Sun Uk reported that Amanda Ross, 41, is one of them. She found she was 8 months pregnant and then 15 hours later had a beautiful baby girl. Talk…

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Still A Person

Okay, I'm just going to say to - I hate being pregnant. It has nothing to do with the tiny baby about to be brought into the world, that part I love. The journey to getting him here, that part sucks! Basically, everyone has an opinion and will voice it,…

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What They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

I had a few people come up to me and tell me how they can not wait to be pregnant. That they can't wait to be fat and such, that they don't mind a few weeks of morning sickness.

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Fainting at Hospital

Fainting at Hospital Today was a bit of an adventure, be patient while I fill in the background leading up to the scary bit… My great grandmother, who is sick and a little nutty, lives with my Nan and Pop, in my home town, with most of my family. My…

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1st Midwife Appointment

1st Midwife Appointment Today I had my first Midwife appointment and was very excited. It ran on time, the midwife was truly lovely and kind. She gave us a gift bag full of goodies and info about what to expect and what our options might be. The sad part came…

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13 Week Scan

13 Week Scan Today I had my 13 week scan to check the Nuchal translucency fold. And of course it was a bit emotional. So while everything went very well and so far so good, getting to that point was a bit hectic.

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