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A Parents journey to an Education Needs Questionnaire

For a parent of special needs children starting in mainstream schools here in Victoria, we endeavor a journey to an ENQ meeting. Education Needs Questionnaire.

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In The Deep End – Learning to swim

My eldest who is now 6, had done swimming lessons from mid last year, to the beginning of this year. He loved it. Followed instruction pretty well. But couldn't focus or hold on to wait his turn as the instructor taught the other 2 children in his group.

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Autism Diagnosis – An Honest Look

Having a child diagnosed with Autism can be one of the hardest things a parent can go through with their child. To hear that your child is not normal, and needs multiple therapies can open a world of confusion, overwhelment and guilt. For the life and child you had imagined…

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A Touchy Subject: Autism

It's a sensitive, yet very controversial topic, that seems to be a non stop story brought up on the facebook wall, by some of my friend and groups; what causes Autism? For almost a year I have officially been a parent to a diagnosed autistic child, with a second with…

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Reflecting on 2013

2013 is coming to an end, and I have been reflecting what the year has been like, and what I have learned. This year I have had a lot of challenges as a parent. Learn to have an abundance of patience, and contain my anger. I am a terribly grumpy…

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Sleep “Nightmare” Routine

Sleep “Nightmare” Routine For some kids, it’s have a bath, get dressed and brush your teeth, and in to bed. Other kids need a story, maybe a song, a drink, a kiss and a cuddle or maybe even a soft toy. Bedtime in my house is long….. very long. We do…

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