How To Make A Simple Cotton Blanket

How To Make A Simple Cotton Blanket

Step One

To make your blanket first work out how long and wide you need for the bed you’re making it for. I wanted a small toddler sized blanket for for my 2 year old, so I cut my plain fabric which was already 112cms wide to 120cm long. And I cut two pieces of patterned fabric to 120cms by 28cms.

Step Two

On the two pieces of pattern fabric fold the cut edges over by 1cm and iron them flat all the way around each piece of fabric.


Step Three

I laid my fabric out on the floor because it was the easiest space to do this. My patterned fabric has a right way up so I’ve laid it out so that the right sides are both facing me and so bot pieces of fabric at the right way up. They’re overlapping the cut edge of the plain fabric by about 1cm.


Pin the patterned fabric to the plain fabric right on the edge so that both pieces are held together.


Now turn the whole thing over, fold the patterned fabric in half and pin through all three “layers” of fabric (actually, including the hem, it’s 5 layers total) making sure that the edges of the pattern fabric match up on both sides, you can do this by feeling under the fabric as you work. Do this on both the top and bottom edge of the blanket. Remove the pins from the other side of the blanket, because the pins you’ve pushed through all three layers will be holding it all together.


Step Four

Sew along the folded edge on both the top and bottom of the blanket. Turn it over and check that the reverse side has been completely sewn down also – if there’s any missed parts simply go over them with the machine also.


Don’t forget to sew the ends closed as well.


Trim off all the loose threads and that is your blanket complete! Enjoy! 


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