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How to Make An Easy Lion Mask

How to Make An Easy Lion Mask

 Buy a cardboard mask from a craft shop. Alternatively you can use a paper plate, just cut out the eyes and cut in half with a curve inwards for the nose. This is an activity you can do with your child, or to make a dress up mask for a party, or for dress ups.
Lion-Mask-1Step 1 : Paint the mask.
Step 2 : Using a hole punch, or you can use a metal skewer or pen over some blue tack/play dough to poke holes in the mask, space the holes evenly all the way along the top of the mask, but far enough away from the edge so they don’t tear through easily.
Step 3 : Poke a pipe cleaner half way through each hole and twist firmly.
Step 4 : If you’ve use a paper plate, tie a length of elastic through the end holes or two pieces of ribbon to tie at the back.

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