Ice cream in a bag

Ice cream in a bag is an incredible simple, versatile and FUN recipe that you can adapt easily to your own tastes or what you have on hand.

You will need:

250 mls of Milk
A flavouring and/or sweetener
Several handfuls of ice
A few tablespoons of salt

Some flavours you could try:

Dried fruit
Caramel sauce
Vanilla (essence/extra/bean paste etc)
Strawberry Essence
Frozen berries
Peanut butter
Maple Syrup
Coco powder

Step 1

Carefully pour milk into small ziploc bag.


Step 2. 

Add flavours to taste and combined by closing the bag securely and squishing it gently between your fingers.

Left: Peanut butter and Maple Syrup. Right: Coco Powder and Sugar.

Step 3.

Half fill the large ziploc bag with ice and sprinkle over the salt, then place the small ziploc bag inside and close the large ziploc bag securely. (We didn’t have a large ziploc bag so we used an empty wraps bag instead – we also tried using plastic shopping bags, but it was harder to shake and took longer – though it’s possible it they’re all you have!)

Nearly ready to shake!


Step 4. 

SHAKE THE BAG! (Outside because it might drip!)

And Shake!
Share the work!

Step 5.

Feel the small ziploc bag after 5 minutes to see if it’s ready, it should feel like thick “soft serve” ice cream. Quickly rinse the salt off the outside of the bag with cold water and then snip the corner off the bag to squeeze the ice cream into a cone or bowl.

Don’t be impatient… it’s important to wait until it’s actually frozen first!

OOPS! Should have kept shaking!

That’s better!





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