IKEA Christmas Guide – Gifts For the Whole Family

IKEA Christmas – Something For Everyone


Christmas and IKEA are two of my favourite things (no really, this isn’t the first time I’ve written gushing praise about all the things I love at IKEA) so naturally combining the two is simply magical to me. This year I set myself a challenge – that I can find something for EVERYONE at Ikea (or at the very least every age group. If there’s absolutely nothing that appears to you in all of Ikea, then bah-humbug to you!)



Babies don’t really want for much, but still IKEA has a great range of toys for babies. While generally I’d avoid buying soft toys as a gift (because somehow everyone always ends up with way to many of them)  my little boy had a little rabbit comfort blanket similar to the IKEA one that he loved as a baby. The ears are just the right size for gripping and the fabric is great for snuggling – so it went everywhere with us. It might be worth buying a couple of them though – just in case it becomes a favourite comforter and needs to be washed or gets lost.



Toddlers are probably the easiest age group to buy for at IKEA, it was really hard narrowing it down to just a few options.



IKEA has a great range of toys and activities to encourage your preschoolers imagination and creativity.



I had no idea IKEA had so many games. There are awesome options for busting school holiday boredom with friends.



I have to admit this age group had me completely stumped and I considered leaving them out, purely because – I don’t really know what teenagers like! But after consulting some friends I discovered there is actually plenty of options that might appeal to teens.



Honestly you could buy me practically anything from IKEA and I’d be happy, but favourite things are –


What would be the perfect Christmas gift for you from IKEA?

Rachel Stewart

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