Itti Bitti – Absolutely Adorable Nappy Range Review

When I was pregnant with my first baby a couple of people asked me if I was planning to use cloth or disposable nappies. At the time I was very sure I was going to use disposables. In fact, until I was asked what I planned to use, I hadn’t even considered using cloth nappies. I hadn’t really considered there was an alternative to disposables.

Then I had my first baby and saw how much money we were spending and rubbish we were producing using disposable nappies and I started to look into cloth nappies. Specifically the “Modern Cloth Nappies” (sometimes MCN for short). They essentially look and work like disposables, but obviously are made from fabrics and are washable. 

Admittedly, I was very motivated by price. If I’m being completely honest my mission was definitely more about saving money than saving the environment. So my primary goal was finding the most budget friendly nappies. 

But they also needed to be effective, comfortable and convenient. 

I tried a few different styles and brands and one of the issues I came across was my son’s clothes not fitting properly over the top of the big, bulky cloth nappies. 

Baby clothes these days are designed to fit over the top of disposable nappies, which are typically much more slimline than cloth nappies. 

Thankfully at the time I’d joined some online groups dedicated to talking about cloth nappies, and when I explained what I needed – a modern style cloth nappy that would fit under clothes like a disposable nappy, that was also affordable – and the recommendations were pretty much unanimous.

We needed to try Itti Bitti.

My Itti Bitti Adventure

itti bitti snap in two
Look at that little fluffy butt!

As I said, price was the biggest factor for me and I also had established what is sometimes referred to as a “Nappy stash”, so I didn’t want to buy a lot of nappies as I already had enough nappies. 

But when we tried Itti Bitti we discovered not only were they more slimline on our son, and so fit better under clothes, obviously as they were overall a more compact design. So Itti Bitti became out “going out” nappies. 

As in, Itti Bitti Nappies were the nappies I preferred to have in my nappy bag, because they took up less space. Or when I was dressing my son in a particular outfit that needed the slimmer line nappy under it. 
Of course, we also used Itti Bitti nappies at home! But we tried to save them for those occasions. 

Which Itti Bitti Nappy Suits You?

Itti Bitti Snap In One – Sized Nappies

itti bitti snap in one

We opted for the “Snap In” style Itti Bitti nappy, as they’re quicker drying than the “All In One” style nappy. And also because we liked the idea of customisable absorbency. Which means also customisable fit. You can add in an additional “soaker” for more absorancy, or just use the one soaker for a trimmer fit under clothes. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve at the time. 

Because they were our “going out” nappies, I needed them to be able to wash and dry quickly so I could get them back into the nappy bag as soon as possible. 

Also because they’re sized nappies (they come in small, medium and large) they were going to be the best fitting nappy for our baby, compared to the One Size Fits Most style of nappies. 

Itti Bitti All In One – Sized Nappies

Itti Bitti All In One - Sized Nappies

It was hard to choose between the Snap In style nappy and the super convenience of an All In One nappy. However for the reasons above, the Snap In nappies was the right choice for what we were trying to achieve, given we were buying them for a specific purpose. 

The advantages of the All In One nappies are very clear though. It’s just one piece, no inserts or soakers, just use the nappy, throw it in the wash, dry it, and put it back on your baby. 

Which also makes this style of nappy perfect for when the baby is with someone other than their parents – a grandparent, babysitter, childcare etc – as there’s no way to use an All In One style of nappy incorrectly. If you can change a disposable nappy, you can change an All in One nappy.

Itti Bitti Bare Essentials – One Size Fits Most

Itti Bitti Bare Essentials - One Size Fits Most

The Bare Essentials Itti Bitti Nappies are the best value in the Itti Bitti range, because they are an all in one nappy – but also “One Size Fits Most”. They adjust and grow to fit from approximately 3kgs to 18 kgs. So you typically will get around 2 years of use out of these nappies. Which is a huge cost saving! 

And once you have them buttoned up to suit the size of your bub they are just as simple to use as the All In One nappies. 

Itti Bitti Tutto – One Size Fits Most 

Itti Bitti Tutto - One Size Fits Most

The Itti Bitti Tutto nappies are Itti Bitti’s most popular, award winning nappy, as they combine the value of a One Size Fits Most nappy, with the benefits of the Snap In nappies. So they can be used from 3kg to 18kgs, and have Snap In boosters for ease of washing, faster drying, and customisable absorbency.

Overall Itti Bitti is a trusted, Australian Brand, that have a great range of value for money nappies. They do also have Newborn Nappies, Swim Nappies, Prefold Nappies, Night Nappies and Training pants in their range.

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. Rachel is obsessed prams, car seats, carriers and all things baby. She has worked in the baby industry for several years, for both suppliers and also in a retail setting and has developed a passion for connecting parents with the right products to make their lives easier. When Rachel isn't playing with prams she's enjoys crocheting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.

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