Last Minute Costume Ideas

I dropped the ball entirely on Halloween. Not only have I completely failed to organised my children any kind of costumes, I’m actually going to be away for Halloween so I won’t be able to take them out AND worst of all – I haven’t written any kind of blog relating to the upcoming night of fright.

So, here’s my last minute list of last minute costume ideas!!!

Firstly -Save yourself the headache and possible heart ache when it doesn’t work out as planned and buy a ready made costume. Odds are if you try to make an elaborate costume it’ll end up costing WAY more than if you just go and buy the darn thing in the first place.

HOWEVER  if you do want to at least look like you made the effort for a DIY costume, here’s some last minute costume ideas I’ve gathered up.


last minute gift ideas

Get dressed in literally anything you want, because who knows what you’ll be wearing when you get zombied and then using regular make up to create an easy zombie effect.

And make it even more gross with some glue, tissue paper, and paint…

Clark Kent/Lois Lane

11665441_10204966769753156_5663684964508308739_n (1)

If you don’t happen to have a name tag holder or lanyard they’re probably inexpensive from somewhere like Officeworks. But, basically, get dressed in some office clothes, slap on a name badge – you’re done.

I made my name badge just on Paint using images I found online of the Daily Planet logo, my own head shot, and the line underneath the bar code is “This is a totes legit press pass.” 

You can take it one step further and put a superman T-shirt on under the button up top to tear open at opportune times.


Ghost in a Bed Sheet

I know I know, it’s a bit cliche, but desperate times leads to desperate measures.

Easy Halloween Facepaint

This video has Pumpkin, Spiderman and Frankenstein.


This is the best last minute costume of all time.


And FINALLY a list of last minute costume ideas lists – in case you still haven’t found what you’re looking for.

51 Cheap And Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes – Buzzfeed

50 last-minute Halloween costumes – Mashables

25 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas – Ucycled Treasures (The stick figure costume in this is genius)

What are you/your kids wearing for Halloween? Have you organised anything or left it up to the last minute?

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