Lifestyle changes for dads

Hey Dads to be or new dads, be prepared for some “goodbyes”

Say goodbye to Space around the house. With kids come a-lot of stuff. Babies need prams, bouncers, nappies. Older kids need toys, books, toys and more toys. And the all need clothes! These all seem to take up a lot of space – in every room of the house!

Say goodbye to peace and quiet. They are forever talking and making some kind of noise. This is just something that will take some getting used to over time. You can’t always make them stop crying and sometimes it’s nice to just listen to the sounds of a family.

Say goodbye to most of your privacy. When you become a parent the day will come where you can’t go to the bathroom without being joined by your child. – They just want to be with you every minute of the day. Appreciate it now because it will pass.

Say goodbye to getting a lot of sleep. As soon as I had children, every move or sound the kids make wakes me up and this made me a light sleeper. Also say goodbye to sleep when you have an infant in the house that wakes up regularly. And when they are sick at night this means to no sleep and tag teaming with your partner between sleep and settling children.

dads lifestyle changes
Why is there banana on the window?! …oh…

Say goodbye to cleanliness. You will have food, vomit or something on your cloth’s or on the floor of your home. – don’t expect to keep yourself clean / house clean for an entire day. (You might want to keep a spare shirt at work)

Say goodbye to neatness. (If you are a “neathead” or well organised) Nothing can be kept neat with kids around. You will see toys, clothes in every room. Until they learn to understand about neatness – until then you will be picking up after them – have fun and good luck.

Say goodbye to freedom. You won’t always be able to go out when you want, or do what you want when you want. So make the time out you get count!

Have fun in the transition to fatherhood, the birth event and the newborn stage is a crucial time for every father. Have fun, enjoy it, connect with your child and develop that magical father son/daughter relationship. Keep in mind that these phases don’t last forever,
so try to cherish them while they last.


Famous is a dad of 2, (boy & girl) and he is Rachel Stewart's other half. He's a fun and funny dad, the king of "dad jokes" and has his family laughing whenever he's home. His favorite part of parenting is the funny things kids say and do.

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