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Keeping My Love Bank In Credit

I really like the idea of a Love Bank. Basically people have an “account” with you, and they can make deposits and withdrawals - if someone invests a lot of time and love into your relationship with them, then there’s a long line of credit for them to withdraw from.

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Date Night Ideas That Don’t Require A Babysitter

I know it’s not the most romantic idea - having your children in the background for a date - but sometimes it’s the reality of being parents. Not all of us have a family member or friend that is willing and able to take our children for a couple of…

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Catcalling – Compliment or Harassment

It’s not okay to shout at, call to, or proposition a stranger on the street. EVEN if you think they should take it as a compliment. EVEN if it’s happened to you by someone of any gender. It’s still not okay.

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Talking About Consent – Yes means Yes

I recently read this blog post “Consent: Not actually that complicated” that has been made into a stick figure cartoon. I think this is a great way to explain consent. I think it should be shown to teenagers as part of sex education in school, or by parents at home.…

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Our Relationship Is Not In Competition

There are some things I can relate to in the recent Huffington Post article titled “Why my husband will always come before my kids.” My initial gut reaction is to say - of course I love my children more. But I don't think that's entirely accurate for me either.

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There’s An App For That – Getting Sexy Back

I’m going to talk about sex. Because we’re grown ups and sex is important. I’m going to be frank, and I’m going to be talking about my own sex life in detail, so if you don’t want to know what goes on between my sheets - or you’re my mother…

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50 Shades of Ughhh

50 Shades of Ughhhhh…..not really my thing. He stalks her, taps her phone, he’s manipulative and intimidating, he’s not big on gaining true and informed consent and even though he’s a hot billionaire, he does not float my boat, for all of the above mentioned reasons.

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Taking Time For Each Other

I hear the advice of making time for our partners, to nurture our relationships, but I keep thinking - how can I make time, there's still the same number of hours in a day, I can't make more time. Also with "finding time" as though we might just stumble upon…

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5 things to never say to your other half!

5 things to never say to your other half! I feel I need to share this to any daddy followers out there, the top 5 things to never say to an exhausted, run down mamma.

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Relationship and Sex

The birth of your first child will be a turning point in your relationship. Every relationship is different and so will be your experiences. While for some dads-to-be it will be an easy shift into fatherhood/parenthood, for others it may create some challenges. Your relationship with your partner might change after…

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day In some ways I feel like I’ve traded Valentine’s Day in for Mother’s day. This will be my fifth Valentine’s day as a parent, so I’m pretty much totally to terms with the fact this day doesn’t really mean much anymore, we are too busy, tired or I didn’t even notice the last one…

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