Happy Hair Brush Review

I'm unreasonable excited about this hair brush coming into our lives. I received the Happy Hair Brush Family Starter Pack a few weeks ago at the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch and it's been a bit of a hair-game-changer.

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5 Makeup Steps I Never Bothered With, But Now I Don’t Skip!

However, here are a few little things that I do that actually make applying makeup easier. Or at least help the end result look a little more like I actually know what I’m doing.

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Facebook Marketplace Best Place to Buy Clothes Online

I have to admit I've fallen in a bit deep with online shopping lately. I've been freshening up my wardrobe. Also maybe maturing my wardrobe a little. There's a few specific brands of clothing and shoes that I'm collecting. I'll clearing out some older stuff and making room for a…

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My Fashion Rules For 2017

Stop buying clothes and not wearing them. Start only buying and wearing clothes I love. There are SO MANY REASONS I need to stop doing this. It’s neither economical nor environmentally friendly to keep buying clothes and not wearing them.

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Maternity Wear Tips and Recommendations

You don’t necessarily need to buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate pregnancy and breastfeeding, nor do you need to buy maternity or nursing specific clothing. There are many different ways you can use regular clothes throughout these phases of your life.

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Mind Your Own Pits

I’ve noticed quite a few posts in my newsfeed lately declaring that hairy armpits is a new “trend”. A “trend” that seems to be bothering more than a few people. Here’s the thing though - allowing body hair to grow wherever it grows naturally is not a trend - shaving…

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My Lesson on ‘Beautiful’

We can learn some powerful lessons from the people who truly love us. When you love someone unreservedly, and you trust them completely - you can allow them to show you how they see you. What have you learnt from those who love you? This is how I learned that…

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I don’t want to shave my legs

I don’t want to shave my legs. I’m sort of proud that I managed to go over a month without shaving my legs. Last time I shaved my legs was before Christmas and yesterday I caved and did it. It’s this bizarre inner battle. It’s a life time of social…

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