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Little Frog Ring Sling Giveaway

WWA Ring sling 620x360

One lucky winner will receive a
Little Frog Cotton Ring Sling OF THEIR CHOICE*.

Little Frog Ring Slings are suitable from birth well into toddlerhood.
They’re comfortable and easy to wear, made from 100% soft cotton
and come in a range of stunning colours to choose from.


Read our Little Frog Ring Sling Reviews:
Review with a BABY.      Review with a TODDLER.
little frog ring sling     Little frog ring sling review

For a limited time receive 15% off Little Frog Ring Slings at
Woven Wraps Australia.
Hurry this offer will end on 31 St December 2014.

Coupon Code: PC15**

*Only applies to Woven Wraps Australia in stock Little Frog Cotton Rings Slings.
**Only One discount code per customer.


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  1. I’d get the baryte coloured sling, LOVE blues 🙂

  2. Graphite Topaz is my favourite colour!

  3. I love Ring sling’s so convenient and quick to put on.

  4. Blue to aqua!

  5. Amethyst linen is my fave colourway 🙂

  6. Carinna Anne

    The link doesn’t seem to be working

  7. BEAUTIFUL sling

  8. I would get Baryte as blues are my favourite colour.

  9. Sunny Fluorite be perfect for bubs due feb

  10. Blue and aqua here

  11. I would love a ring inc for my little frog! Blue/Aqua would be wonderful!

  12. I like onyx but I also like the opal ones too. It’s a hard choice

  13. I would definetely get the Auzurite Green and Blue Sling, cos then my hubby would be comfortable wearing it. It also combines our two favourite colours! (Green for me, blue for him!)

    This would be the perfect way to convince him that we need a ring sling, with a clingy bubba who doesn’t want to be put down all day this would make getting the housework done, and actually feeding myself so much easier!

  14. I love the rainbow Agate one

  15. the amethyst is stunning!

  16. Anything with greens in it

  17. i absolutely LOVE graphite topaz ❤️❤️❤️

  18. bixbite or alexandrite 🙂

  19. ICY AGATE all the way!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I’ve always dreamed of owning a Little Frog ring sling! Thanks for the chance to enter such an amazing giveaway 🙂 if I was lucky enough to win, I would chose Alexandrite! Gorgeous colours!

  21. I love Sunny Agate II! I would love a rainbow RS for our rainbow baby.

  22. Any would be fantastic but a rainbow one would be amazing.
    We are about to start foster care and being able to snuggle them close would be fantastic

  23. Aquamarine

  24. All the rainbows!

  25. I would love any with purple in it.

  26. stoney is my favourite, however if I won I’d be giving to my sister who’s expecting her second next year

  27. I would choose the Linen Barite Ring Sling in Gray-Graphite! IT IS BEAUTIFUL and my husband
    will wear that color and wear my little guy that is coming in FEB!!! I would love to have this ring sling. I only have
    an ergo right now that was loaned to me and I feel a Ring Sling would be comfy!

  28. What an awesome give away!!!

  29. Oh lol and I would choose graphite topaz

  30. Love love love sunny agate! We don’t own any rainbow 🙁

  31. little frog fuschia agate would be totally amazing those bright bold colours are sure to bring joy and happiness wherever they go!

  32. I’d love a Little Frog Fuchsia Agate Cotton Ringsling. The colours are gorgeous! ☺

  33. I want something with lots of colours!

  34. We would love rainbow colours or greens or purples 🙂 thankyou 🙂

  35. i love them all but would probably choose one of the blue or green ones!! Jade, turquoise, topaz!!!

  36. Love Sunny Agat
    Perfect for a bright and happy summer!!

  37. i love any that is rainbow coloured. Love rainbows

  38. All are amazing colours my favourite would have to be the GRAPHITE TOPAZ cotton ring sling.
    Little frog was my sons nickname in my belly 🙂 would love a ring sling as a legacy wrap for him 🙂

  39. They’re all so pretty but I think I like the rainbow or turquoise ones the best!

  40. That Tanzanite is just stunning! <3

  41. Marine Topaz would be my pick out of the stock currently available 🙂

  42. Oh I cant choose! Theyre all so beautiful!

  43. I’ve been looking to upgrade from my hugabub & this would be perfect

  44. Love blue/aque/green colours for my little man

  45. Janna Clerke

    Elishia Sanders, you wanted a ring sling

  46. My daughter is growing out of her stretchy wrap and I can’t afford a new wrap at the moment. This would be awesome!

  47. Bridget Youngjohn-Cooke

    I would love an onyx ring sing

  48. Little Frog ONYX! So pretty and DP would wear it as well.

  49. Sunny Agate or stony opal I can’t decide, beautiful!!! So want a RS for bub number 2 due soon, I didn’t carry first time around but since she will be under 2 think I’ll need my hands free!

  50. Bek Scott

    Meagan Freeman Cassandra Spurway-Smith

  51. I would love the Alexandrite one! I have three kids (one boy and twin girls) and all their stuff is colour coded green/blue, pink, and purple so this would be perfect as it has all their colours!
    I bought a Little Frog woven wrap in Sugilit from Woven Wraps Australia and I love it so I would love to add a ring sling to my very small collection 🙂

  52. Graphite Topaz

  53. A ring sling is something I’ve never tried (apart from a breeze baby one which is ok for water but that’s about it) would love to try a little frog for my little miss

  54. They are all gorgeous but my little miss would love the alexandrite colourway or the choco rainbow is gorgeous too!

  55. Awesome! Would love one!

  56. Rainbow agate is gorgeous!

  57. i would like to own the sunny agate! so pretty!

  58. i’d love the Bixbite ring sling or the Sugilit

  59. i would love a amethyst one

  60. Love the Marine Topaz, but they are all great colours

  61. WOW all the colours look fantastic but I think my favourite is the lovely Amethyst linen

  62. Emerald

  63. BARYTE

  64. Graphite topaz 🙂

  65. Marine Opal is a lovely colour

  66. Love the one with baryte colours.

  67. Stephanie Veljanovska

    I Love the Igy Agate design.. Beautiful!

  68. I’d love the graphite topaz colour

  69. i love the amethyst colour!

  70. I love the amethyst
    Ive been saving for 5 weeks due to being on one income and m 5 week old loves to be carried, my sister leant me her ring sling and ever sinve ive been dying to have one of my own!

  71. the amethyst is my favourite, great colour!

  72. I loooove the orange and yellow!! SUMMER!!!

  73. I love the Icy Agate

  74. Jessica Ashbrooke

    The blue aqua please a beautiful refreshing colour

  75. Scott Cupitt

    Stephanie Cupitt

  76. I would get the Fuchsia Agate! It’s beautiful!!!! 🙂

  77. Something blue-ish would be great!

  78. Oooo I don’t no they are all so pretty 🙂

  79. I would love anything rainbow!!

  80. Would have to go with the AGAT. A beautiful rainbow to match my lovely new little squish.

  81. Tara-Lee Bush

    Congratulations! So lucky 🙂

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